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Blue Dream x2 Blueberry x1 Sour Diesel x1 Strawberry Banana Cheese x1 Amnesia Kush x1

Blue Dream x2 Blueberry x1 Sour Diesel x1 Strawberry Banana Cheese x1 Amnesia Kush x1

Day 50 (Week 8)


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Day: 50

Well i said i was going to flip at 60 days but, tomorrow will start bloom. Yes i know i have some leaves curling. Got a little too warm, also should have adjusted my light higher sooner than i did. I defoliated a few days ago. Also can hardly tell i trimmed the leaves a few days ago.

10 hours ago


ig:@eaegifts Gonna be a packed house for sure, blue dream alone goes wild during flower. Looking really good!


ig:@eaegifts Keep an eye on the girls near the fan for wind damage

blazinherb Oh definitely going to be a packed house. Front left and middle are the Dreams. Rear left in-front of the fan is the Blueberry. Sour Diesel in the rear right corner and Strawberry Banana Cheese is the front right.

Day: 47

Next week i will be starting a new grow log for the clones, but seven out of ten for my first attempt at cloning. Other news. The girls are looking great, after i snapped these pictures i adjusted some branches. Thirteen more days before i flower them.

3 days ago

Day: 46


Girl’s fan leaves got a nice trim tonight. Up to four red solos of R/O daily. Nutrient feedings are on Saturdays.

5 days ago


NopeQQ hi, little hint. you can save the money for co2 bags. they don't really do anything unless your room is airtight. you blow the air out straight away. buy yourself something with the money. <3

blazinherb This is my first time using CO2. I saw the mix reviews saying they work and don’t also to be an enclosed environment. Figured why not try one out. Plus got a deal on the bag so not really out much at all.

Day: 43


Filling out quite nicely. Thinking around day 60 I’ll flip to flower.

7 days ago

Day: 42


Well was checking the clones and accidentally pulled the Blue Dream #2 right out of the root riot so down those. Two out of three Blueberries were rooted so they are now in their 1 gallon home. I am going to check on those other clones in a few days and see how their doing.

9 days ago

Day: 41


First attempt at cloning. Day 7 for these girls. No sign of rooting. Discouraging to be honest but not giving up. If i have made errors i will learn. Tips appreciated. The clone tent is a 3x3 with a VS1000 light. Hanging about 15 inches from the top of the clones. Used root riot, clonex, and Great White.

10 days ago


HeritageSecretGarden They will take 10 days to 2 weeks to root and for future reference you want to have a knuckle (where the leafs grow out of rt under the surface of those cubes they will root faster cause instead of a shoot it makes a root but looks like you started with healthy cuts too many people try to clone a weak little tiny side branch you need a healthy shoot to make the journey lol nice job though


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blazinherb Ah information i gathered said 7-20 days for rooting sometimes longer or not at all. Thanks, I’ve done my research lol. Been growing for a few years but took a hiatus from this app back in 2019.

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Day: 41


Girls got a heavier feeding this weekend. Also installed the first net.

10 days ago


Zylun Nice cabbages

blazinherb Thank you!

Day: 39

Just some adjustments to the tie downs. Girls are doing great. Clones still don’t show signs of rooting. Day 5 for the clones. Did not take a picture of the clones today.

12 days ago


LosSavages I’m struggling getting my plants to even close to that stage, any tips you could pass on, check out my most recent alreqdycworried

blazinherb Biggest tip i got is under watering is better than over watering. Second tip. Keep your light around 18 inches from the tops of your plants.

Day: 36


Adjusted some of the ties. Chopped some lower branches off. Topped and made some clones. Praying that a couple of them root. First attempt at cloning. I used CloneX with some Great White mycorrhizae placed into root riot cubes.

15 days ago

Day: 33


Girls are doing great.

17 days ago

Day: 28


Girls doing just fine.

22 days ago

Day: 27

Introduced LST last night, had to readjust them today. Also gave their first veg nutrient feeding.

24 days ago

Day: 25


Doing just fine.

25 days ago

Day: 22


Girls got topped on 8/28.

a month ago

Day: 20

Exhale entering the environment. I have never used any CO2 supplement. Lets see what happens.

a month ago

Day: 19

Watering with R/O, two red solo cups a day. One in the morning and one at mid day/night.

a month ago

Day: 16

Happy happy happy.

a month ago

Day: 13

Roots were exposed from the bottom of the solo cups. Transplanted to 10 gallon fabric pots. Reused ocean forest soil. I think its the fifth or sixth grow with the soil. Time to let them bounce back. Also note the Amnesia Kush did not make it. Unsure why but it happens.

a month ago

Day: 9

Looking good today minus the Amnesia Kush. Not sure whats happening with that one.

a month ago

Day: 7


From seed August 1, 2022. Starting log around August 6, 2022. Next update will be current. Looking forward to this mix grow. Plans are to start cloning and filling my 3x3 clone tent up. Keeping the best two for mothers for future grows.

a month ago