Violator Kush

Indoor - Coco Organic

2 x Violator Kush, Barney’s Farm plants started as hydro in supercloner, decided to try coco organic dry amendments (Gaia Green) for this grow. Germinated 3 seeds and one died Also germinated 2 free white widows from Canuk Seeds and they both died Mainly due to temp/humidity issues over Christmas without daily access/monitoring.

Violator Kush - Indica (Seed)

Day 148 (Week 22)

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Day: 148

May 8 - Cure Started

5 years ago

Day: 139

May 3 - Harvest Day. Plant 1 looked perfect. Plant two was flimsy and most low nugs were undeveloped. Also harvested.

5 years ago

Ezlyfe How many days did they take from 12 and 12 I have a couple on the go now so curious

Jlebel I would say it took about 55-60 days once 12/12 switch

Day: 126

April 20 - Approx two weeks away from harvest. Looking and smelling amazing.

5 years ago

Ezlyfe Looks very nice I have two going I’ll be following the end of grow thanks for posting good info

Day: 86

March 11 - Flowering started.

5 years ago

Day: 80

March 5 - Still in veg. Topdress yesterday with 50/50 ratio of 4-4-4 and 2-8-4 Gaia Green. Also did some defoliation of the bottom third of the plants. Will switch to flower once I get LED lamp and carbon filter. Both plants looking very healthy

5 years ago

Day: 62

Feb 15 - plant training still underway on the taller plant. Plants both looking very healthy in organic coco mix. Will continue to train the taller plant until the smaller plant matches in height. The smaller plant will just be topped. No bending.

5 years ago

Day: 55

Started some LST on the taller plant, both new growth is looking very healthy and appears to be responding well to the coco/organic medium and amendments.

5 years ago

Dab710247 Bend that guy a bit more ! His cola should be below your next nodes ! Just a heads up wasted about 10 days on my grow trying not to break the plant but those babies are flexible af

Dab710247 Looks amazing thou!

Day: 52

My first Organic grow going well, plants responding well to transplant from hydro to coco with organic slow release dry amendments. Will switch to flower soon once targeted height is achieved. Topped tall plant on Feb 6.

5 years ago

Day: 45

Transplanted to Coco with Gaia Green dry amendments. Taller plant showing some calcium deficiencies but should be fixed now. Smaller plant looks stunted.

5 years ago

Day: 39

The smaller plant was germinated about 4.5 days after.

5 years ago