Second Grow 5Plants

Spring 2019

5 GSC seeds in plastic pots. Using an 1000w HPS and Great Lakes water for soil

5 Cookie Seeds

Day 128 (Week 19)

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Day: 128

No nutrients this week

3 years ago

Day: 110

Added another sf2000

3 years ago

Day: 87

2nd full week of flower and they are loving the SF1000

4 years ago

Day: 65

Just switched to SF-1000

4 years ago

Day: 54

Added a little soil

4 years ago

Day: 52

Looking good

4 years ago

Day: 44

I’ve been focusing on keep these ladies all around the same height by doing a little LST and super cropping

4 years ago

Day: 34

After topping they seem to be doing great

4 years ago

Day: 28

Topped and transplanted for the first time today

4 years ago

Terrell Transplanted the OG to a 5gal fabric pot and lightly watered.

Frezeus420 Keep it up fam!

Day: 27

27 days into Veg and the plants are 6 1/2 inches tall

4 years ago

Day: 17


Only about 17 days in and the plants are all about 4 inches tall

4 years ago