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Critical Mass Auto

Day 83 (Week 12)

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Day: 83

Shes doing fine, not as thick as id like her to be but ohwell

10 months ago

Day: 59

A lot pf the fan leaves are withering and plant is starting to flower, this one is smaller now compared to the plant that had the rough start

a year ago

Day: 52

Shes getting thicc too, only watered twice since last update

a year ago

Day: 42

Shes doing good, pretty short and bushy

a year ago

Day: 37

She started showing some pistils, going to water with nutes and epsom salt

a year ago

Day: 31

Lstd her a bit more. Going to water her tomorrow when soil is dry

a year ago

Day: 24

Lstd the lower branches and gave her a feeding woth nutes with a bit of epsom salt

a year ago

Day: 19

Looks carzy but i lst’d her to the side to get light to lower sites and have lateral growth

a year ago

Day: 15

Gave her some mosquito bits to stop gnats with water and a little bit of advanced nutes “micro bloom grow “

a year ago

Day: 13

So far so good, gave her a small amount of water from a combo of 1ml of “micro grow bloom” because i wanted to be sure on nitrogen and moved lights up as well. (installed 24w sansi led bulb to help burple with the green spectrum)

a year ago

Day: 11

Check-in: Added some fans to have a small leaf dance and try to keep soil top dryer due to a couple gnats I noticed in the morn. Also noticed slight light burn on tips

a year ago

Day: 9

Check in

a year ago

Day: 8


a year ago