First clone. Going to see how it does in dirt.


Day 20 (Week 3)


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Day: 21

Using some LST to keep her in the light 💡

4 days ago

Day: 19

Pushed into the corner but still doing well 👌

6 days ago

Day: 19


6 days ago

Day: 17

Squished in the corner with a little LST

8 days ago

Day: 16

Here for the ride

9 days ago

Day: 15

Happy little clone

9 days ago

Day: 13


12 days ago

Day: 12

Letting them grow

12 days ago

Day: 11

How long should I leave my plants in veg? Not sure how old this clone is..

14 days ago


piperboy007 Veg it until its about half the size that you want it to be at flower. They always stretch out once your flip to flower


Chemdog Thanks 🙏 I’ll keep that in mind

Day: 9

Happy little clone 🤘 definitely recovering well!

15 days ago

Day: 8

Slowly coming around

16 days ago

Day: 7

Re potted and hasn’t shown much sign of stress. Bit of discolouration but seems to be doing fine.

18 days ago

Day: 4

Over due for a bigger pot. Hopefully it takes to this one nicely. Clones are touchy af.

20 days ago

Day: 2

Not sure if it’s in veg or flower? Gonna do some research on clones today.

23 days ago