First grow

Summer 2020

First grow, many more to come.

Motor breath 15

Day 28 (Week 4)

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Day: 28

•Both plants are roughly 1’-4” tall, • lights are about 3 feet away from top of plants. •Plant A ( left side) is more busier than plant B. • I have been feeding plants General Hydroponics almost daily . I just switch to alternating feeding every other day: -plants DON’T show any signs or nutrients Burns

4 years ago

ToneCapone420 They look good. How do you like the HP nutrients? Have you heard of Nectar for the gods? They are an amazing almost organic line. Maybe on your next grow?? What kind of light are you using? I’m going to go indoor once my grow is done outdoor and want to get peoples opinion on led’s?

Day: 1

*Two plants, started from clones. Plant A ( left side ) : under a 600w phlizon LED light Plant B (right side ): under a 1000w Sunraise LED

4 years ago