Mephisto double grape and 3BOGxAB

Closet LED grow

Two autoflower strains

Mephisto autoflowers

Day 52 (Week 8)

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Day: 52

Friend sent me this pic for the update

4 years ago

Day: 42

Last pic before I gave them all to my buddy he will be updating from now on everyone wish me luck , I hope I get out of the hospital in time to see them finish . Crappy pic cause they’re all crammed in here and there was no light but it was all I could do at the time, they’re good though

4 years ago

Day: 32

32. Had to get rid of them so my friend now has them all. He will be finishing the grow because I will be hospitalized for a while. He will take weekly pictures and I will update in like a month .

4 years ago

Day: 28

28 days week 4 all flowering besides the absolutely puney ones. Yellow is 3bogxAB purple is double grape . You can tell the double grape are definitely a smaller and less stable plant than the other.

4 years ago

Day: 21


Three weeks, the ABx3BOG are definitely bigger. Most of the plants are showing females besides the 3 or 4 smallest. Cannot wait for some buds!

4 years ago

Day: 14

Week two

4 years ago

Day: 7

A week since planting germinated seeds. Ones in the back are 3bog x AB ones up front are double grape

4 years ago