Midnight Haze - Feminised Seeds

First photo grow - June 2023

Popped on day 2🪴 planted on day 4🪴 roughly planted at twice the tap root size but this may have been too deep 🤔 in conclusion the plant died, no root shoots etc just one main stem ☠️

Midnight Haze (Free Bean)

Day 13 (Week 2)


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Day: 13

She did grow a little but I pulled due to being dead, finding this as a result. She looked strange when she popped and I had doubts. RIP

a year ago

Day: 6

And she is now peeking 👀

a year ago


adders I won’t post another update yet but she’s out of the soil and nearly straight with both cotyledons open 😃

Day: 4

Now we sit back and light up ☀️

a year ago

Day: 3

Seeing green, I was going to try and let this one grow out more before potting but think I might drop it in some dirt 🪴

a year ago

Day: 2

Midnight Haze has now popped on day 2! just waiting for that tap root to emerge now 🍁 This one’s a feminised photo plant and the auto AK has done quite well so I want to have a play this time around with a couple different training methods now I can drag out her veg stage a little 🪴

a year ago


adders Just walked past it and noticed the little tap root is actually protruding a couple of mm more than this photo already 😎


mr_big_budz_uk Wait until it’s about inch or 2 and pot her up or maybe another 18-24 hours mate


adders Oh really, you wait that long ? I left mine til it was about the size of a penny last time, I’ll give that a go 💯

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