First time doing clones

Grow life summer 2019

Decided to try cloning for the first time so hopefully I don't F this up

The big - OgKush

Day 64 (Week 10)

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Day: 64

These 2 girls looking real nice

4 years ago

Day: 47


These clones are very bushy and with many tops... they are in a 5 gal smart pot. The 2clones in the first pic have just been sent into flower room and the rest of the clones I will keep training LST... I’m going to let them get wider and taller before I send them into flower...

4 years ago

Day: 31


I have here the original cuts I started with and added some new clones in the mix

4 years ago

Day: 22


I was never interested in doing clones but now that I have done it I don't think I'll ever stop... Seeing how fast it takes off from the time roots pop is a trip... I also like how it comes from another female plant and will present its self with all same carateristic...

4 years ago

Day: 15

These to are showing the best with new growth. The other 2 a little behind but im gonna wait and see what happens and hopefully they snap out of it and get in the game...

4 years ago

Day: 13

These clones starting to veg new growth all sign of a sucessful start

4 years ago

Day: 11


All Clones leafs have gotten darker green since I transplanted into soil... Notice all 4 have new leaf growth coming in and branches stretching out... So far so good👌🏽 Temp 78-86 Humidity 55%-64% 16/8 LED light rotation

4 years ago

Day: 8


Roots busting out yesterday so I went ahead and potted them and they seem to be doing ok

4 years ago

Day: 2

Looking real good smelling Real nice waiting on them roots

4 years ago

tech4hollistics Might want to keep humidity dome on if it’s first time cultivating clones. 🤙🏽

FB_3Bz_Bulldogz Cool !!! Ya I leave them covered and open to spray as needed try to not bother them at all if that...

Day: 0

I decided to give cloning a shot... I took 5 cuts 3 from THE BIG and 2 from OG KUSH hoping I nice run with this on my first try...

4 years ago