Magnum Auto

Late May 2023

An authentic magnum auto, this year on 11L pot and light mix soil. Its gonna be outdoors under the strong sun from Spain! 🤙🏽

Magnum Auto from Buddha Seeds

Day 3 (Week 1)


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Day: 3

HELP - Seed doesnt seem to grow, yesterday it was exactly like today. Should I worry about it? I did the same thing ive done with +5 seeds ive grown.

a year ago


G8keeper I soak them in warm water for 72 hours. They usually sprout a taproot by then. Also if you purchase seeds from ILGM.com they replace those seeds that don’t sprout.

aanto26 Thank you for the info! But I usually buy them at my local growshop:)

aanto26 How do you keep the water warm for 72h?

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Day: 2

First 48h on wet paper towels!

a year ago


G8keeper Paper towel should be moist dark and warm. This looks a little wet?

aanto26 Nope, it is quite wet and covered to be in the dark. I moved it to soil just to try, but it might be a bad seed, idk. If you wanna know, it kept the same state as in the photo for 4 days straight. So that why I was starting to panic haha. (Im just able to plant one plant at a time so thats why I just buy individual seeds.


G8keeper I soak mine in warm water for 72 hours. They usually have nice taproots then I plant them right into a plug. I skip the paper towel altogether now. But I used to use that method.