First hydro grow 2018

Fox Farms & URB

Just flipped into flower and repeating ff week 5&6 as plant is just now showing preflower pistils. There are 2 LED (180 each) ufo’s @ 218 actual watts total with 210 actual watt LED COB (800 watt) in a 3x3x6 grow tent and 8 inch exhaust fan.

Mendo Breath

Day 57 (Week 9)

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Day: 57

Just began bud building with Beastie Bloomz. EC 1.5 after diluting 1/2 gallon from a 1.8 and only 5mL total URB.

5 years ago

Day: 55


Fixed an issue with the heater blowing on the reservoir heating it to 88 degrees. Flowers still opening with white hairs and budlets are forming. I bet that URB will protect the roots as it seems to show results quickly when water temp is cooler.

5 years ago

Day: 52


Flowers are opening up; slow to improve with period of no air circulation. Just beginning next light period.

5 years ago

CAK May need to lower the EC. It seems to be drinking less and EC barely rising.

CAK The following night went through a period with no air circulation and looks like this.

Day: 51

Trimmed for first time in flower; flowers are expressing white hairs. This was encouraged by folier application early this week.

5 years ago

Scuba Me too man my first time too finally got 2 clones

Day: 51

Buds are developing as she transitions towards week 4 flower. Blooming nicely! As water is consumed the solution shifted the pH acidic.

5 years ago

CAK Hard to believe that the pH was 4.6 when I checked on her once the lights came on.

CAK The pH shifted to 5.5 from 6.3 and so was corrected.

CAK Must be eating up the nitrogen leaving high levels phosphorus in solution.

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Day: 42


Flushed, then added Fox Farms week 5 nutrients with B52, URB Natural and silicone: pH 6.3 expected to drop and EC 1.8 expected to remain consistent with water use at 1/4 gallon daily.

5 years ago

SparrowHillGrow Cannabis bonsai! Nice training.

CAK First trim in flower; flowers expressing white hairs and the aroma is strong. Full strength URB, high dose of Open Sesame with ff wk 6. I had to repeat ff wk 5&6 during transition. Noticing root growth when I add Bembe.

CAK Photo under bonsai type trim is what it looked like before.