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Day 115 (Week 17)

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Day: 115


This Red Afro didn’t have the best start in life, and she still displays some weird genetics expressions. The nugs are turning a deep red and the terpenes are on another level, so so Citrusy/lemony, I’ve experienced hints of lemon before but this is crazy. Nugs aren’t huge (but I think it’s a low yielding strain if I remember correctly). Can’t wait to try this 😋

2 months ago


organic_grower Great colors 🔥 👌

Day: 59

Been a while since updated - PH5.7 - EC2.1

4 months ago

Day: 48

Getting bushy - EC1.7 - PH5.8

5 months ago

Day: 42

She’s taken off since the last update. Didn’t expect it to get this far

5 months ago

Day: 29

Topped. Still weird lookin

5 months ago

Day: 23

PH5.7 - EC1.5 - looking better than she was, desperate being a little thirsty today.

5 months ago

Day: 22

She seems a little happier today. Settling into the new pot

6 months ago

Day: 20

Still pretty ugly but the newer growth looks a lot better. Repotted into 1gal fabric and feed PH5.8 - EC1.5

6 months ago

Day: 14

I’m thinking this pheno isn’t worth the effort.. to toss or not to toss? Your thoughts appreciated, thanks

6 months ago


CBoX669 Thanks bro. That’s a good call to be fair. Wasn’t going to breed, but I was going to mother her and flower clones. Maybe I’ll pop another one of these, or wait until the Critical Orange Punch arrive that I’ve ordered. Sucks when a plan doesn’t come together 😣

Day: 9

She’s ugly, but she’s growin

6 months ago

Day: 7

She’s still a bit scrawny but she’s growing

6 months ago

Day: 0

She’s alive

6 months ago