Jack Herer Indoor

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Started from seed in happy frog 5 gal

Jack Herer

Day 92 (Week 14)

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Day: 92

Opinion on trichomes please. My sugar leafs have quite a bit of amber and the buds are looking pretty milky. Should I harvest or wait a bit longer for the buds to go a little amber?

3 years ago


Caliban I think you are ready! I prefer 80% cloudy 10-20% amber. You look solid!

IIIWALLNUTIII I would disregard the sugar leaves. They turn amber much faster. As far as the trichomes on the calyx, it depends what type of high you are looking for. The amber trichomes give you more of a couch high. I personally would look for 20%-30% amber on the calyx. But everyone has different preferences. Strain can also make a difference.

Peng If you have the time/patience you could harvest different parts at different times to get an idea of which trichome ratios you prefer

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Day: 79

Need advise: I am leaving for Hawaii in 4 days and will be gone for 8. Do you think she will make it another 13 days before harvest or should I cut her down before I leave and trust a buddy to dry and possibly start her cure? I have an auto water set up that can flush her while I am gone if I leave her to harvest when I get back.

3 years ago


buddykushman Damn. That’s a tough situation. I never like to cut down early. Let it flush for 11 days. And do 2days darkness. Come home and cut her down


combatmedic81 I say let it be and flush it


Caliban Let her run. Better a little late than too early. Or trust a buddy!!

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Day: 72


3 years ago

arizonamaddy Stay on Target…

Day: 65

Starting to get fat.

3 years ago

Day: 59

Hopefully on the better side of ph lock out after a good flush.

3 years ago

Day: 25


She is still growing strong it seems, but the discoloration is consistent. I have lowered the ph to about 6.5 and fed her 6.2 ro water with CalMag as well(5ml/gal). She is in veg still was trying to decide if I should top her and veg another 8-10 days or go natural and put her in 12/12 light to start flower. She is Jack H so I want to be mindful of size. Any thoughts on the mosaic like discolor or keep working the PH and stay the course?

3 years ago

Day: 17

HELP! I have been looking for what is going on with this but can’t find anything that matches this pattern of discoloration, any ideas!

3 years ago


Caliban I have exact same thing with one of my Banana Hammocks. The other 4 are normal. I assume genetics as there are no real growth issues except she is smaller than the others. 🤷‍♀️. I ran mine in FF Happy Frog then up to Ocean Forrest

arizonamaddy Glad to know it isn’t just me, thanks. I’ll keep posting and see if anything changes.


Caliban Nah. These plants have genetic diversity just like us. Will be interesting to see how she grows. Could also be pH? 😏💨💨

Day: 13


She is growing strong, but her leaves look dirty or like they were washed with dirty water. They appear this way from initial growth. Looked online, but didn’t see anything that matched. Is this normal? Currently in friendly frog 5 gal pot getting pure water atm no bites yet.

3 years ago

Day: 8

8 days from germ.

3 years ago