The Greenhouse Grow

Summer 2019

Thing1 My very own strain that’s a cross between gorilla glue 4 and Starburst og

Multi plant strains

Day 104 (Week 15)

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Day: 104


The plant is currently 5ft tall and 3ft wide. Thinking about spreading it out for more light exposure.

5 years ago

BlowinSmoke Update: Now Thing 1 is currently standing 6’0ft y’all and 5 ft wide. Just starting to flower

BlowinSmoke 121 days old

Day: 84

Purple Punch This plant is currently 4 1/2ft tall and 2 1/2ft wide Plant still 4 1/2 ft tall but I stretched it out to 3 ft wide

5 years ago

Day: 70


Cheese This plant is currently standing 5 1/2ft tall and 2ft wide.

5 years ago