AK-47 Auto Aeroponics

LED, Soiless, Grow Tent

I am running (3) 6 pot homemade aeroponic tables (modified version of Stinkbuds), under 2- 2000W Full spectrum LEDs. True output wattage is about 640W each. Both my cloner and veg setups are aeroponic as well. All my nutrients are by Botanicare with the exception of Clonex.

AK-47 XTRM Autoflower

Day 43 (Week 7)

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Day: 43


Week 2 of flower. Defoliated, full bloom Nutes now. Ladies are happy

3 years ago

Gocolts18 Why aren’t you using the SCROG???

Makaira GoColts, these AK47s are all growing at different rates. They’re not supposed to get very tall so idk if I’ll need the top trellis but the bottom trellis is being used. I’ll take some “top view” photos to show I’m using most of the space available in my grid.

Makaira If they continue vertically as they are they should grow perfectly through the top netting

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Day: 35

Day 35 and were beginning to flower. Nutes are up to 1000PPM coming from R/O water. Temps lowered to 70-73 degrees, humidity 40-50%. Pure Blend Pro Bloom Sweet Cal Mag SilIca Blast Hydroguard Liquid Karma

3 years ago

Day: 28

1/3 of the tables started to develop root rot. It took a few days to get it under control; things got worse before they got better. Several of the plants are most definitely going to be stunted and I don’t expect them to produce much. The other two tables are doing well, same environment stats but Nutes are up to 950ppm. (I need to get better about taking pictures, this is from the tents security cam)

3 years ago

Gocolts18 I got 302 grams off of one plant from my aeroponics grow!

Eldiablo Bigger rectangular box will help breath the roots better -Bigger box ...more airflow...more and bigger roots Bigger roots ...equals bigger plant....equals bigger yield

Day: 21

21 days since germination, things are moving along. PH 5.8 Nutrient solution PPM 800-850. Air temp 75-78 Humidity 60%

3 years ago

Day: 14


Working on transplanting them into the aero tables now. Autoflowers are new to me so I’m staying precautious with 1/2 strength nutes. Cal Mag, Pure Blend Pro Grow, Liquid Karma, Silica Blast, and Hydroguard. Lights are 22 on 2 off, feedings are 1 minute on 5 minutes off.

3 years ago

Gocolts18 Is that long skinny box your root chamber? Also do you have a way to change your missing nozzles? I’m assuming this is a high pressure aeroponics system. I’m wrapping up a high pressure aeroponics grow right now. I suggest you have another pump on standby just in case yours fails. And a sediment filter in the line from your nutrient reservoir as well. Check out my grow and if you have any questions just let me know. I have mine set up to mist 1 min on 12 min off.

Makaira Hey Gocolts18 I appreciate it bud. The aero setup is still pretty new to me; no issues yet with the system itself but I’m having a lot of nutrient issues. Can’t seem to get these autoflowers dialed in. You can see there are 6 plants per reservoir, one or two are showing brown blotches on them and the rest seem perfect. They are really finicky with the nutes! The plants are in 2” net cups on 50” long fence posts, 15gallon reservoir and the sprayers are 1 minute on 6 minutes off. As far as the high pressure sprayers go I do have a means to replace the sprayer heads however locating a clog will be a bitch. I do have backup pumps just in case though I was assuming I wouldn’t have clogging issues with low ppm water (<500ppm) Definitely open to advice my friend.

Gocolts18 You have Snapchat or WhatsApp or something? Would be easiest to just video chat

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Day: 13


I love aeroponics

3 years ago

Day: 12


Growth rate increasing. Running 1/2 dose Cal-Mag and Pure-Blend Pro Gro. Full dose Hydroguard and Clonex.

3 years ago

Day: 10


Late update: Seedlings have been transplanted from RootRiot cubes to the aeroponic cloner system. Had an issue day 6 when I couldn’t make it to the grow room to check on them. The result was a few of the cubes had completely dried out. Some died, most recovered. Here’s to hoping I still get the 18 ladies I need out of this.

3 years ago

Day: 4


Day 4. 22 of the 24 seeds have germinated. I only need 18 for this setup so the next few days I will be picking and choosing which ladies move on to the next stage

3 years ago

Day: 1

And so we begin... 24 of the AK47 seeds placed into RootRiot cubes. Using Clonex in distilled water with a PH of about 6.4. The heated propagation tray is by Vivosun. (Light in the tent only on for the photo)

3 years ago