1st official grow w/ autos

Ms. Mamas

My first run with autos I have practiced for almost a month with bag seed I found. I am using a 3x3x6 grow tent blue haze widow seed is planted in fox farms ocean Forest soil and fox farm trio nutrients (when I start) and la berry fruta seed is planted in roots organic and I will be suing the GHE go box nutrients line (when I start). I am using a 1000w led light by TM Lapy on the veg setting that i ordered off amazon and a 300w blurple light that came with a grow tent kit I ordered off amazon.

Blue haze widow

Day 40 (Week 6)

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Day: 40

Getting frosty but still kinda little

3 years ago

Day: 24


5/17/20 blossoming

3 years ago

Day: 23

5/16/20 6 days after her topping and she’s been blossoming. No slow in growth I do the little white hairs coming out in some places though. Is she still too little for that? Did I stress her into pre flower or is this normal for autos? My photo bag seeds that a month older and way bigger don’t even have those little hairs coming out yet.

3 years ago


Octonion Autos can start flowering after 3 weeks although more normally you would expect them to start by 4 weeks. Interesting!

Day: 18

5/11/20 added a bit more LST. Showed new growth the day after her topping already

3 years ago

Day: 17

5/10/20-Inspired by someone else who recommended topping an aitonbetween day 14-20 and topped her on day 17. There was no slow in growth and I also LSTed her. 1st 2 pics before topping.

3 years ago

Day: 14

Coming along I plan on doing her first and only topping before day 20 on her 3rd node now

3 years ago

Day: 13


Almost 2 weeks gave her first dose of ff big bloom 20 ml in dropper last and this morning I gave her 2 cups of clear phed distilled water after adding earthworm casings. Last night I accidentally dropped a fan on her too so fingers crossed no lasting damaged. Realized chai berry was not growing because she was infested with fungus gnats so for now she’s outside until I treat her. Her growth is very stunted so I may throw her out.

3 years ago

Day: 8

5/2/20 Tent pic got a new light a couple days ago. It’s by myLumii the newer model and I absolutely love it. It connects to WiFi so I can remotely turn it on/off set timers check my temp rh and you can setup automations. I got mine for 149 but they’re 179 now on amazon. Combined with the 1000w led I already had my girls are loving it. Also included a pic of the la berry fruta it’s only 2 days behind but seems way more behind. Her dome is scheduled to come off tomorrow (exactly 1 week) but I may leave it longer she looks likes she’s only 2 days old instead of almost 1 wk. The la berry fruta (Chai Berry) was planted in roots organic and the blue haze widow (Miss Mamas) in Fox Farm Ocean Forest. I was worried about the ocean forest being hot but she’s doing amazing!

3 years ago

Day: 7

5/1/20 got a new light and they’re loving it growing pretty good just took dome off today and misted about 30 mls in circle around seedling. Stem is very thin but no reaching I will have a light fan on her to strengthen her stem.

3 years ago

Day: 3

4/25/20 day 3- 1st set of leaves fully formed on this little baby I think I’m going to name her Miss Mamas(insider😆) My 2nd bean popped her little head through the soil late last night I didn’t get any pics last night but this was this afternoon after they’re night time. Both stems seem purple but I’m hoping they will grow out of it. I lowered Miss Mamas from the light a little I want her to stretch some so I can fill in some of that dirt.

3 years ago

Day: 2

4/24/20- day 2 She got through her first day above ground with no issues super tiny still I rly hate that I started in a 3 gal and somehow the dirt sunk down even lower after I planted her seed. Temps 77ish rh 55-60ish I have kept her cup on her and misted the cup 2x the second time this morning when the cup had no condensation. Her stem looks a little purple to me I know this soil is super hot for seedlings so I’m going to be watching her closely for issues. She went to sleep with her older photo sisters today so for now until My fan and exhaust arrive for my second tent she is on 18/6 schedule. The la berry fruta seed still has not popped up but I have another germinating in a paper towel and it has a small tap root showing going to plant it tomorrow.

3 years ago

Day: 1

4/23/20 official day 1! 4 days later the blue haze widow finally poked her head up. She looks sooooo tiny in the huge 3gal pot kind’ve regret not starting her in a solo. Still nothing from the la berry fruta I started germinating another bean just in case. I plan on keeping her little solo on for at least a week I didn’t do that on my practice run so want to see how it turns out.

3 years ago


ZenMaster Do you have Instagram? Also excited to see your journey with this grow

Grogirlgro @ZenMaster thank you! Any tips comments appreciated! And no I don’t have an Instagram.

Day: 0

I received the seeds very fast within a week I believe. They were packaged very nicely with color printed descriptions. I thought that was really cool. This website was the only one I could find that accepted my card and the pricing was very reasonable. I placed the seeds in a jar of distilled water with a capful of peroxide in each and let them sit in my cabinet (warm dark place) 24 hours later when I shook jar seeds sunk to bottom and very small tap root was visible. This is how I germinated my bag seeds and was very successful so I decided to do the same with my autos. I placed the la berry fruta in a 3 gal fabric pot full of roots organic and the blue haze widow in a 3 gal fabric pot with fox farms ocean forest. I’m a little scared of using this for seedlings but it was all I had because I had run out of roots organic. I placed a cup on top of them and put them in the tent with my older bagseed practice girls. When it’s lights out for my other girls I will put my new autos in my second tent to continue lights for them. I will update when I see little sprouts! Fingers crossed.

3 years ago