Organic Grow - First Timer


Three plants grown organically in 4x4 under a Grower’s Choice ROI-E420 LED. Soil is combination of Fox Farms Ocean Forest with Nature’s Living Super Soil added.

Bruce Banner/Gorilla Glue/GSC Extreme

Day 46 (Week 7)

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Day: 46

Been a while since I’ve updated, but haven’t had much progress until the past few days. The GG (pic 1) and GSC (pic 2) seem to be bouncing back from the transplant and my panicked defoliation. The BB strain (pic 3) has been pretty stunted but it still moving along, showing some signs of sickly leaves in the process. I’ve been removing the dying tips as they wither, but am still seeing new leaf production so I haven’t given up all hope on it. I’m going to them grow a bit more and then plan to top again and get some ties going to help train to get a decent canopy.

2 years ago

Day: 34

I think I may have waited too long to transplant them. They were looking nice and healthy in the solo cups, then one morning I checked and they were drooping noticeably. I have been pretty diligent about not overwatering after the last scare (at least I think I have been) so I’m not sure what caused this. I decided to transplant them the other day. After 24 hours in the new medium, I watered them and decided to trim all the foliage below the highest top, in an effort for the growth to be focused on new leaf production. Some of the leaves I trimmed looked sickly so I think it was a good idea, as today they haven’t regressed and appear to be headed in the right direction. I did germinate some more seeds in a panic yesterday, just in case. May need to buy another tent lol

2 years ago

Day: 27

Humidifier and adjusting the watering style really brought these babies back to life. A bit worried about the BB strain, as it’s drooping still a bit but still seeing solid color growth up top and been making sure soil dries out fully before rewatering. Looking forward to moving them to their airpots when they get a bit bigger and are toppable.

2 years ago


ganjaman420 Look like some vigorous genetics. It’s always better to underwater rather than over water!

Day: 23


Getting a bit of burn on the leaves and some drooping...which may be my own fault for overwatering. The rh has been holding around 30% due to the cold temps outside, which may have tricked me into overwatering these babies. I’ve since bought a humidifier today and the rh seems to have been holding at a steady 55% the past few hours. Going to let the soil dry and water in the morning while maintaining the humidifity level. Hoping these can bounce back....time will tell.

2 years ago


GROWNH Poke some holes in the bottom of the solo cups. They stay too wet if you don’t. Good luck

growfromtheco They had holes but I made them a bit bigger and got some trays to keep the cups off the ground. Looking a lot healthier now with the adjustments. Thanks for your input 🙏🏼

Day: 18

Turned the fans up more as well as the exhaust fan to where I’m now at a negative pressure within the tent when closed. I have some slight concerns over the GG and GSC being a bit hindered. My initial thought is potentially oxygen deprived (either due to overwatering or the medium not breathing enough). The cups have holes in the bottom but are sitting directly on the floor so it’s possible that’s the issue, however, the BB seedling is doing great and thriving. I’ve cut back on watering a bit, but don’t think I’m overdoing it since the soil is pretty dry when I do water and I use a spray bottle versus a pour method. We’ll see how they’re doing here over the next few days. Going to transplant them into their bigger aerated pots this weekend which I think should fix the problem.

2 years ago


mystrain420 U need to slow down lol. Your overthinking it, the most likely reason they seem behind is simply genetics. They’re not the same strain so they won’t grow the same and even if they was they’d prob still be at different paces. And it’s way to early to repot. Keeping plants in cups gets faster growth and a big root ball. You can/should research this info and you’ll understand small pot= more feeding= more growth. Good luck with your grow. 👍🏾

growfromtheco I appreciate the insight. This is the first time I’ve grown anything ever so I’m very new to horticulture. I’m an obsessive researcher and have read up conflicting ideas on message boards. The information overload has put me right back to square one of not knowing my problems lol. I’ll hold off on repotting until the leaves span past the rim of the cup (which was my original plan from the start). Thanks for commenting 🙏🏼

Day: 14

Had to add some more soil to the Bruce Banner and GSC cups for stability, as the BB was beginning to lean and the GSC appeared it may be heading that direction. Added some more Ocean Forest to each and re-moistened the soil. Cranked up the fans a bit inside the tent and positioned them to give a little bit of breeze on the seedlings. They’re bobbing back and forth a bit from the breeze so hopefully this will help strengthen the stem. I’ve set it for them to cut off at night with the light so they get a bit of a break, but turn back on with the lights in the AM. Not sure if that’s good or bad but I figure the plants need sleep and some rest so we’ll see how it goes.

2 years ago

dieselbhoy72 What soil you using and what light ratio you using m8

growfromtheco I’m using Fox Farms Ocean Forest and have Grower’s Choice 420watt LED about 12 inches from the seedling to the light.

Day: 11

They’re really liking this light, which I’ve been keeping on 75% power from 6a-midnight. Unfortunately it’s running pretty dry when lights are on during the day, so I’ve been making sure to check on them a couple of times each day and have been keeping the top soil moist with a spray bottle of water (which I’ve been using exclusively to water). I don’t plan on switching watering methods until I transplant into their permanent medium, which are 3.5 gal aerated pots with organic super soil layered near the bottom for nutrients. As far as temperature goes, I’m content with the lights on temp...have a slight concern about the cooler temps at night (low in 2nd pic) but that’s just the nature of a basement. I don’t think it will have too much of any impact on their development, and may even bring out some nice colors when I eventually get to flower.

2 years ago

Day: 8

Moved the trio into the tent last night and set my lights to an 18/6 schedule (dark from midnight to 6am). Checked this morning to see how they’re doing and looking good. Only drawback is my humidity is hovering around 36% so I’m a bit concerned. I’m doing my best to keep the soil moist tho without overwatering and hope once the fan leaves grow out the humidity issue will fix itself. Damn dry winters!

2 years ago


mystrain420 Hang a warm wet towel on a hanger in the corner or place a few bowls of water in the tent and the lights should warm it creating higher rh. Worked in the past 👍🏾

growfromtheco Thanks for the insight!

Day: 6

Moved the sprouts closer to the under cabinet LED I’ve been using to start, as I don’t believe it’s strong enough. This was based on the stretching the Bruce’s Banner appeared to be doing. Also I finally saw the seedling for GSC, which has been the slowest starter. The seedling appears a bit yellow so I’ve removed the baggie over top and will keep it uncovered now that it has broken through. I was allowing air in the baggie twice a day so it’s possible it may have been a bit deprived of air? Either way these will be moving to the tent soon, just didn’t want to start there as my basement is a bit cooler than upstairs and also didn’t wanna over light them with my grow light.

2 years ago


hazedayz Is the shell still on the BB, looks like it in photo.if so help remove it that why it’s stretching so high

growfromtheco Yeah it is. I removed it shortly after posting. That problem has been addressed with some changes since.

Day: 6


Update from earlier: GSC just needed some light and air and she’s looking good. BB finally shed its shell and opened up, although the leaves may have been a bit close to the light due to some stretching. They appear a tad curled a bit. Have moved them all a bit further under my cabinet LED and watered. They were in the dark 8 hours last night (whoops). Going to just keep them on tonight and roll 24/0 for my light/dark veg from here on out.

2 years ago

Day: 4


Germinated using paper towel method and moved to cups yesterday around 11am CST. Used spray bottle to moisten top of soil and placed plastic bags over top to help retain humidity. Pics are from this morning (~20 hours after cup placement). GSC was last to sprout and appears to be the most reluctant strain of the bunch.

2 years ago