Organic!! Jack Herer Auto Run #2

Second Run Ever

Second seed didn’t pop, was going to have Two plants in 1 10 gal living soil fabric pot. now will be 1 plant in 10 gal 2x2.5ft Gorilla Lite tent

Jack Herer Auto ILGM

Day 171 (Week 25)

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Day: 171


Just scrapped her thinking she had gone photo, but she’s actually putting out some buds. Should I have left her alone? She’d been going waaayyyyyy too long for an auto and was looking like reveg, but was actually flowering still at 18 hours/day. Would this have been salvageable at all? If it’s a hermie, do I need to sterilize the tent before next round?

2 years ago


TheMorrisGardener Autos will flower regardless of your light schedule hence the name. If they’re that size after that long your issue is your light. It is way too close/strong. The tight nodes and mean tan say light issues to me. They’re stunted and need time to rest and an opportunity to stretch. I would try to save the plant as long as the plant is trying to live. I only give up after they do.


TheMorrisGardener What’s your light height and lux or PAR value right now? Is it an LED? Full spectrum? How much true wattage? What size is your tent? Lots of factors impact how your light hits so tweak and dial it in right and give them some time and sleep and see what happens. I’d leave them at 18/6 and let them bloom and stretch.


CoryTrevor That's wild I've never seen anything like that before

Day: 21

She’s doing okay, a little slow and yellow at the bottom. clover is also a little yellow. i let the blumat go dry so that could be the reason for the yellow. i chopped and dropped some more of the clover. of concern, the bug on pic 4 and the redding on the clover in pic 5. will update if water & Ful-Power does or doesn’t do the trick

3 years ago

Day: 15

she’s on her way now. i dusted off as much of the DE as possible. i think the discoloration is from the condensation that was under the humidity dome. i’ve had that off for 2 or 3 days now. 1 slipmat seems to be perfect amount for now. i threw up some gnat tape bc the bastards got in from the infestation i have on my houseplants from a bag of worm castings. i just turned up the light to 75% from 29”. she looks a little pale, i was being careful but she’s fine now and the last pheno i had was a super healthy dark green and took a lot of light. also ILGM didn’t update my address so they sent my replacement beans to my old apt i say fuck em im not going back to ILGM. i’ll prolly get some brother mendel or mephisto next

3 years ago


Peas May I ask what the purpose of the clover is?

Day: 12

we got gnats😡😡😡 so i hit em with the skeeter bits & DE (plus yellow fly tape). i’ve never had much of any meaningful damage from fungus gnats, but this baby is going slow & things are staying moist with the Blumats plus green mulch. not much to do now but wait & see

3 years ago

Day: 11

She’s in!! 🗣ALWAYS TAKE THE COVER OFF OF YOUR JIFFY PELLETS🗣🗣🗣 learned that with a lil experimentation in my garden this year, can’t believe some ppl say it’s okay to leave them on. watered her in with some Recharge bc im out of granular myco. threw a dome on top for humidity, and to keep out a few unidentified flying guys brought in with the clover. Temp has been getting pretty low here and there, 66 when i woke up. i’ve got a space heater outside the tent (too big for inside) and until my landlord turns on the heat, it’s gonna stay this way. Trying to manually keep it around 75. RH is pretty easy to handle as small as the tent is, i use a diffuser with rosemary/peppermint oil to stay around 45%

3 years ago

Day: 10

she’s doing aight. a few little speckled light spots on the new leaves, it’s either nute burn from worm top dress, or light burn from the condensation on the dome over it. i turned the light down a bit, shouldn’t be an issue. i also brought the pot into the tent, chopped in the middle & installed the carrots. clover has a few small fly things on it, they don’t look like fungus gnats. i’ve been killing them, but maybe they’re beneficial wasps???? idk idc. i’ll wait another day or two to transplant while i watch out for bugs

3 years ago

Day: 9

not messing w bugs this round!! sprayed with neem & picked off those cutworms yesterday, sprinkled with DE today. tomorrow i’m thinking i bring it into the tent, i’ll either chop some & transplant or just chop some & wait another day or two.

3 years ago

Day: 8

is this a bad idea??? i’ve had the pot i plan to use outside w/cover crop for a few weeks now. i counted on bringing some pests in, but now in a bit worried. my plan is to bring it in for a few days before i chop the clover, and hit it pretty hard with some neem & such before i transplant in. sounds like a good plan to me, but now i’m worried i may be setting myself up for a continuous fight w pests…

3 years ago


Funky84 Always mix diamateous earth in with your organic soil, it helps a lot, also mixing it with water 4:1 water/DE for natural bug repellant. As for bringing it inside, go for it but be ready.

Day: 6

looking good!! watered with some Recharge. spider mites on some other plants so i’m keeping an eye out, but so far so good

3 years ago

Day: 0

Only 1 of these seeds successfully popped. You can probably tell which. The one on the left is wayyyyy smaller and didn’t germinate

3 years ago