Italian Shoes - Cult Classic Genetics

Spring 2021

Cement Shoes X Gelato #33. Growing these with flora flex nutrients

Cement Shoes S1 X Gelato 33

Day 106 (Week 16)

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Day: 106

Around week 7 or so starting RO water

2 years ago


Cobe Pretty colors bro!


hem-p Very nice 👍🏽 💯


ChuckShotta Beauties

Day: 97

Day 56 of flower. Will probably go to around 65. Nice yield on flora flex.

2 years ago

Day: 89


Been on first full tilt for about 4 days. Seeing color already. Some rust spots but they stopped spreading. Either from too much nutrients or cal mag deficiency. I didn’t shake cal mag bottle and I got the bottom with syringe. This could be the reason. I flushed for a day and it kept on so I gave them a regular feed and it stopped. Going to continue and see if they go away. We will see after a couple days. Other than that hiccup the yields and frost is the best I’ve seen. Gonna be huge yield from the 4 plants I have on flora flex. 1 month veg!

2 years ago


ganjaman420 My thoughts as well! Thanks for insight brudda!

Day: 79

Day 38 of flower today. Doing a couple more feeds then I’ll start adding full tilt.

2 years ago


GrassHopper Woah 👍 what node did you top to initially?


ganjaman420 These we’re actually a 1 month veg! Topped 2 times


Oklagrowmie I would get shot in my fucking head if I grew this. And my reputation would be shattered. Delete this bullshit you idiot.

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Day: 71

I have been leaving my veg tent open at night which delaying flower for these girls but I’m in no rush so that’s ok. Going to start closing the veg tent every night so these girls get a true 12/12 schedule.

2 years ago


godsproblem What light are you using?


ganjaman420 This is an growers choice ROI-e680


herbhorder I’m think about getting that light actually pros/cons?

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Day: 53

Day 21 of flower today

2 years ago

Day: 29

Switching to flower very soon

2 years ago

Day: 18

Flora flex is goated

2 years ago

Day: 10

These ones are lookin happy

2 years ago


clifdawggsmokes These are clones ?