Phylos Yuzu Euphoria

Seeds started 4/16/24

Started 5 seed into paper towels on 4/16 afternoon. All 5 cracked by morning 4/18. All 5 have germinated.

Yuzu Euphoria

Day 86 (Week 13)


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Day: 86


Ended up netting 7.22 oz off all 5 plants after dry/cure and trim. The buds have an excellent blueberry, grape, sweet smell. Smoke is clean and very easy on the lungs (out of a one hitter, haven’t tried it yet in the bong). It’s a really nice high. Bit of creep, lasts a good long time, it’s a clear, up high that feels euphoric but without anxiety. Very happy with the overall results.

4 days ago


sirCoffaLot Hell yeah that looks Deeeeelicious

wyattwelding101 Looks top shelf!

Day: 73


Basement took water after the last set of rains and it lingered long enough to affect humidity. Decided last evening that rather than expose the plants to mold risk this late in the game that it was better to move forward and harvest. I was planning of harvesting this week so my timeline wasn’t hugely impacted, but it would have been nice to give them another flush before harvest. So, these were final plant pics. Hoping for 3-4 oz. Buds were chunky and dense. Smell sweet and sour, berry and citrus. I will definitely grow these again, but next grow will be Banana Kush and Runtz AF, followed by a run of Fem Agent Orange.

17 days ago


FramerFlaco I think I would have made the same call and not risked the mold . She looks beautiful


Sweetness I am very happy with the apparent quality of the product and consistency of the seed. Possible that there were 2 phenotypes, but even the one that didn’t color out the way the others did grew about the same with the same chevron leaf shape, height, odor and bud density so my though was that they were the likely the same or the phenos are all very close in character. Way smaller than I expected, but start to finish in 72 days and the bump to flower in middle of week 3, seems about right. I figure that when you factor lights, nutes, seed cost and soil, I probably invested $80-$100 bucks a plant. If the end product is $200/oz quality, then the small plant trade off will be worth it. Last grow, I netted 21 oz off large plants, but buds were fluffy, not super potent and it took 110 days to finish for autos which is way too long. Difference felt like growing flowers round one was growing vegetables round two.

Day: 67


Did a quick trim of depleted leaves this morning and a general wellness check for the plants. Starting to see that expected color perforate through the leaves now which is nice. They smell delicious. The website has them at 77 days from seed to harvest and it’s possible that is accurate. Might let it go a bit longer to be sure, but it’s definitely a good approximation.

24 days ago

Day: 66

Some nice microsco-pics on the girls. This is much more what I had hoped to see on the last grow. I’m really liking what I see so far. The initial disappointment I felt at their small frame is long gone.

25 days ago

Day: 60


Just trying to get back into a regular Saturday/Sunday post. I actually saw quite a bit of stretch this week. When I look back on my failed training attempt, there were two plants that retained their training and 3 that more or less just straightened themselves back out and the ones that retained training definitely spread out a little more and are the ones that stretched more here to bring the lower branches up to the canopy. These are definitely short plants but they are pretty dirty in tricromes and are extremely pungent.

a month ago

Day: 56


Continuing to tric up and increase weight. They smell awesome. Good things in small packages.

a month ago

Day: 46


My basement suffered some water intrusion which required a lot of pumping water and dehumidifiers running and that led to a couple of power shortages that I missed and have had to reset my timers frequently. It’s finally supposed to stop raining heavy and hopefully that will resolve the issue and I can get back to set it and forget it mode. Super annoying. Supplementing Cal/Mag as a pair of them 4/5 are showing signs. The others still seem pretty nicely green. These are supposed pink/purple up but not yet.

a month ago

Rastaman 2.0

Rastaman 2.0 At least another 30-40 days before you see those other colors… great job

Day: 39


Approaching day 40 and the girls are beginning to spread out a bit. I clearly failed with LST with most of them just straightening more or less. Second grow so I’m not gonna sweat it. The straighter ones have a bit more stretch. Already a nice big smell on them. Ripe berry and sourness, like sour blue raspberry candy. These aren’t heavy drinkers yet. Only need water twice a week so feeding one and drinking the other. Also, this strain seems really consistent. Growing, smelling, stretching pretty much together with pretty even color across the board.

2 months ago

Day: 31

I don’t know if the transplant was responsible or the genetics, but 3 days after transplanting (last week Monday morning) it was clear that every one of the plants had switched to flowering. I’m going to assume it was genetics as every plant seemed to roll to flower within a 24 hour window. All of these plants seem to operate nearly like clones of each other. Growing at an extreme similar rate, height, coloration, flower timing and concentration. They are still very small so it will be super interesting to see how they evolve. ILGM/Phylos indicated a 77 day seed to finish lifespan which originally seemed really short to me, but seeing them flip in week 4 provides support for that. I’m debating continuing LST now that they’ve flowered so quickly. Worried that further stress will affect flowering. I don’t expect these plants will approach the size of my last grow at this rate, but hey, I didn’t expect my plants on the last grow to get that big either.

2 months ago

Day: 22

Busy week with getting my prior grow manicured and dried and into Grove bags and so I totally delayed transplanting these until much later in the week than I should have. Hoping that they will quickly take to the new pots/soil. Root system looked developed and strong. Some fading/spots on lower leaves of 2 of three just prior to transplant and that was likely over response on my part watering too heavy after roughing the plants too much as I lost track of the schedule. Planning to hold to early next week before tying down main stems.

2 months ago

Day: 17

This is the final pics from the girls in these smaller pots. I’ll be replanting into 5 gallon pots this weekend or maybe I’ll go 3 and try and run all 5… space might still be an issue in a 3 for 5 and it would be a waste to lose a plant late. This years grows are supposed to be about developing technique, so maybe experimentation is the best path. So far, the plant are all very consistent. Not seeing any obvious genetic anomalies as I did with a pair of throw aways in my last grow. One here had a 45 degree axis first leaf, but subsequent leaf sets look square. All plants appear to be developing at very nearly the same rate which will make it really tough to chose a favorite in the group.

2 months ago

Day: 10

Pics of week 2, beginning of day 10 from seed. Substantially better growth from the former grow this far. One looks a day off the others. These are starting in a tent with veggies starts, so half tent is florescent and the other half is under an old blurple led from a few years back and I think the two more developed ones are stealing a little light concentration from it. Overall, extremely happy with the start. Where ILGM may carry a little more in cost, every seed I’ve started has rocked it.

3 months ago

Day: 4


Only the morning of day 4 , but all 5 sprouted. Currently under fluorescent veg lamps in starter tent. Awaiting the prior grow to finish up.

3 months ago