IG: GreatScottBuds

IG: GreatScottBuds

High Alpine Genetics - Forbidden Valley Kush

High CBD Autoflowers

2 plants freshly sprouted. Super High CBD/CBDV plants.

Forbidden Valley Kush

Day 72 (Week 11)


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Day: 72

Chopped Today

a year ago

Day: 65

Quick photo… havent posted her in a while. I was not fully able to solve the clawing. but she is def. lightening up in color from the over saturation of nitrogen. she smells lovely.

a year ago

Day: 56

She is showing some great colors, still is clawing pretty good. Only feeding her 25 percent strength.

a year ago

Day: 42

A bit of clawing going on but seems pretty typical of autos

a year ago

Day: 40

Looks like she will produce some interesting deep colors… she should finish around day 90

a year ago

Day: 36

Tall AF

a year ago

Day: 24


Not sure if she has mutations or a virus. Im letting her grow but if anyone knows whats going on let me know. If its a virus I dont want it spreading.

a year ago


lmogfl Just did some research on this and it’s known as “variegation”. Also found that “When the cause is genetic, the plant shows a very distinctive pattern. When the cause is due to a virus, no distinctive pattern can be seen”.


GreatScottBuds Thank you for the research

Day: 16

Coming along, some strange leaf formations on the right side of the plant.

a year ago

Day: 10

First look!

a year ago