Jack herrer

Late 2020

Grown under Mars sp3000 with a ph water of 6.4


Day 91 (Week 13)

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Day: 91

Had to take some pictures outside of the tent she’s a beauty 🙏🥺

3 years ago

Day: 90


Looks like she’s getting sat in darkness tomorrow then chopped 2 days after that. I’m super happy with how this one turned out has a very distinct orange/citrusy terpene profile before harvest so we’ll see how that goes in cure. Grown under Mars hydro sp3000 in vivosun 4x2 grow tent with no lst. Grown with fox farm grow big, big bloom, and tiger bloom in miracle grow potting soil. Happy growing🤞❤️

3 years ago


msnae2u Very nice!

Buddie78 🎄🤤👍🏻


kingkush14 What a nice Christmas tree !! Good work

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Day: 85


She’s almost ready to harvest about another week/2 and she should be chopped I’m super excited to see how she cures it’s not been the easiest road to get here but we’re here now used fox farm big bloom, grow big, and tiger bloom with miracle grow soil (granted miracle grow isn’t the best but it’s my first grow) watered with a ph of 6.4-6.7 and kept on an 18-6 light schedule as I felt that worked best for me but it’s all personal preference. HAPPY GROWING!!

3 years ago

snopea123 Yeah but it came out looking really sharp


combatmedic81 You stayed on 18/6 for flower as well?

prodrome @combatmedic81 yes as this was an autoflower as I didn’t want to much effort will try feminized as well eventually

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Day: 81


Finally starting to get closer to harvest day super happy with results so far watered with 6.4-6.7 ph water grown under Mars hydro sp3000.

3 years ago

Day: 79


She’s getting there super happy with how it looks for my first grow. Watered with 6.4-6.7 ph water with fox farm 3 step nutrients big bloom, grow big, and tiger bloom along with recharge every 7-10 days grown under Mars hydro sp3000 with the of 55-60% in miracle grow soil.

3 years ago


loadediaper747 Awesome! Tip for next time: try fox farms “ocean forest” or “happy frog” soil. I’ve heard miracle grow can cause excessive nitrogen in this stage of growth. But if it works for you, keep it up

prodrome Thank you For the feedback I actually switched to fox farm ocean forest on my newest grows actually as I’ve heard nothing but good reviews about it I’ve heard I dontneed to add nutrients until day 30 but I am not sure as I am new to fox farm soil

Day: 75


Thinking it’ll be ready in about 1-2 more weeks going to start flushing or do you guys think I should wait a little bit longer? Grown under Mars hydro sp3000

3 years ago


combatmedic81 I would say more like 3-4 weeks


combatmedic81 But it’s all when the plant is ready

makisupagardens At least 2 weeks. Pistils will tell you.

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Day: 70


Week 10 going to start flushing next week super happy with the outcome so far other than my heat being a little on the higher side grown under Mars hydro sp3000 with fox farm nutrients

3 years ago

Satellite Power

Satellite Power Nice job bro. Good and healthy af

Day: 56


Grown under Mars hydro sp3000 Getting very big week 4 of flowering 6.4-6.6 ph water upping fox farm nutrients to 2 tsp of big bloom and grow big room humidity around 55-58 with temp being around 73-75

4 years ago


combatmedic81 She looks like she likes it

Day: 51

After very heavy defoliation on week 3 of flower

4 years ago

Day: 46

Plant watered with 6.5 ph water with fox farm big bloom and grow big under Mars 600w light

4 years ago

Day: 45

Water ph of 6.4-6.7 used some recharge about a week ago saw a great improvement in my plants growth

4 years ago

Day: 37

Right after defoliation of the plant still using the same nutrient schedule as before with water ph of 6.4-6.6

4 years ago

Day: 35

Days before flowering stage watered with fox farm big bloom and grow big with water ph of 6.4-6.6

4 years ago

Day: 22

Water ph of 6.4-6.7 grown under Mars 600ts

4 years ago


SatellitePower Looking good