Shiskaberry #1

Late fall 2021

Paper towel method


Day 122 (Week 18)

18 updates

30 photos

Day: 122

Chunkier is drying

a year ago


organic_grower Congratulations 🥳👏 on the harvest!

cranky_vet Thank you!

Day: 121

48!hour darkness

a year ago

Day: 103

She’s a chunker 😀

a year ago

Day: 90

Just left her be

a year ago

Day: 75


a year ago

Day: 72

Big pretty gal!

a year ago

Day: 66

Trimmed and this champ is gonna be good 😊

a year ago

Day: 62

Filling out nicely

a year ago

Day: 55

Doing good

a year ago


Tamz16 Sweet color

cranky_vet Thank you

Day: 49

Let’s see how she handles her haircut

a year ago

Day: 47

I think she’s gonna be my champ this time around

a year ago

Day: 41

Looking nice so far

a year ago


KIOS_Funky84 All are looking great man 👊🏻👍🏻

cranky_vet Thanks brother. Appreciate it

Day: 32

Gave her a hair cut and topped her.

a year ago

Day: 26

Transplanted into a 10 gal pot. She’s gonna be big I hope.

a year ago

Day: 17

Looking good

a year ago

Day: 12

Getting bigger

a year ago


.Vic$ I’ve done this strain, very pleasant smell, I can’t describe it, but we joked of making into a febreeze spray! Enjoy

Day: 8

Stretchy gal.

2 years ago

Day: 5

Moved to a pot

2 years ago