Donkey Max

February 2023

Donkey Butter x Mac 1

Donkey Max

Day 49 (Week 7)



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Day: 49


GH early Bloom feed. 1 week down.

2 days ago

Day: 43


Early GH Bloom feed. 2gl.

7 days ago

Day: 40


Roots were coming out so put her in a 5g fabric pot. Cleaned up LST and transition feed.

10 days ago


bigbudz1776 What did you have it in before?


Vgrow 3.5g Menards bucket.

Day: 36

Cleaned up for flip 1g transition feed.

14 days ago

Day: 33

Getting late GH Veg. feed. And a little LST. Will be flipping soon

17 days ago

Day: 30

Transplanted to a 3.5g. Will flip soon. Veg feed

21 days ago

Day: 26

Just GH veg feed. LST. Will up pot soon

24 days ago

Day: 23

Fed LST and will transplant soon.

a month ago

Day: 19

Veg feed

a month ago

Day: 15

Getting Veg feed

a month ago

Day: 13

Topped at the 5th and veg feed

a month ago

Day: 10

Got 2g and GH veg feed. Will top 2/13

a month ago

Day: 6

She only 1 week into Veg but giving her week 2 feed. Will top and transplant soon.

a month ago