Orange Zkittles X Tropicanna Cookies

Fall 2018

3 Regular seeds, 3x3 tent. Ffof soil w/ great white


Day 98 (Week 14)

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Day: 98

Last water with big bud. Plants smelling goooood

5 years ago

Kballum Do you use big bud through the whole flower stage? I just bought big bud for the first time and it says week 2-4 of flower but I feel I really should use it through the whole flower stage up until flush .

Day: 92

Split a gallon between them. Same nutes used as last time. They are thirsty and hungry!

5 years ago

Day: 88

Plant look a tad bit over watered but buds are beefing up!

5 years ago

Day: 87

Leaves yellowing early in one plant. Watered a day early with big bud and cal mag.

5 years ago

Scuba Nice plants

Day: 84

Watered all with 7.4 ph 365 ppm with 2.5 ml bloom and cal mag. 1.5 gallons split. Drinking a lot

5 years ago

Day: 72

Flushed all plants with higher ph(7.5) to correct soil ph. Runoff measured around 6.25ph after(still low). Runoff color almost clear. Watered with ph’d water with 2ml calmag and 1.75 ml big bloom. Will monitor conditions after flush. Switched to flower cycle today.

5 years ago

Day: 64

All watered with 7.09 ph 212ppm 2ml grow big 2ml cal mag Sprinkle great white Runoff front plant: 6.49ph 125ppm Left rear: 6.25ph 137ppm

5 years ago

Day: 60

Flushed all plants with a couple gallons of phd water. Then watered with 7.0ph 1.2ml grow big sprinkle gw 2 ml calmag.

6 years ago

Day: 57

6.67ph 2.5ml grow big 1.5 ml calmag sprinkle great white. Run out of back right at 550ppm 6.13 ph

6 years ago

Day: 55

Slight drop. Watered with 2.2 ml grow big and 1/2 tsp great white. Ph: 6.86 142 ppm in h2o

6 years ago

Day: 53

Plants still dropping, soils almost 100% dry. Top inch is dry. Watered with 6.55 ph 1.25ml of calmag and grow big. Sprinkle of great white all in 1/2 gallon

6 years ago

Day: 51

Watered with plain ph water on day 50. A little droppy morning of day 50 and today they are perked up and gettin it

6 years ago

Day: 48

Watered with 6.7 ph, grow big, great white, cal mag right two confirmed female

6 years ago

Day: 43

Water all three front one is female. Rear still unknown

6 years ago

Day: 36

Still h2o with cal mag and grow big, next will be plain ph water

6 years ago

Day: 33

Transplanted to 1 gallon and topped.

6 years ago

Day: 29

Topped 6th node on left plant. Doing better with grow big nutes

6 years ago

Day: 26

#1 and 2 are 4th and 5th nods. 3 still behind. Watered 1 and 2 with ph 6.3 with 2.5ml grow big 225 ppm kinda high...we’ll see what happens..

6 years ago

Abern 76 degrees Fahrenheit 45% rh

Day: 23

Watered with plain ph water 6.4ph

6 years ago

Abern Cup was light and dry when watered. Plants dropping slightly

Day: 20

Slow growth

6 years ago

Synergistic Middle plant looks like it’s got nitrogen deficiency