Inside — Summer 2021 — Jordhan’s Grow

One Auto LSD plant in XXXgallon sized, XXXX pot with Fox Farms soil mixed with worm carcass. 2x2 curtain tent with LED SF1000 lights at ~22” away from top of plant. Auto-flower: veg ~8 weeks. In soil August 9.

Auto LSD

Day 86 (Week 13)

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Day: 86


sorry long time no update!! my girl is doing great, so happy with how the budsights are starting to fill and am excited to see where we’re at in a week or two!

a year ago


Kyhoops757 Nice she’s looking like a high yielding monster

Day: 53


switched to tiger bloom as my auto has grown to 127 cm and is starting to flower. so proud of it. excited to see it grow more

a year ago

Day: 40

my auto has shot up!!! i’m 5’1 and it’s to my chin, looking good, can tell I went a little too long between watering but expecting it to steady itself out over the next day

a year ago

stick e fingerz

stick e fingerz Looks solid nice 👍


lilhulahan thank you (:

Day: 30


new hydro store just opened (first i’ve ever heard of in VA) so we went to get ph down, fox farms grow big and compost tea. gave compost tea, and watered yesterday so waiting until next watering to add the rest. loving this auto a lot, interested to see how the grow big adds to it (: -hulahan

a year ago

Day: 27

autos happy stems are regreening and growing, ph of soil 6.5, planning to get grow tent and more lights next week (:

a year ago

Day: 24

beginner grower — are these looking okay?

a year ago

Peng Yeah, but look up those purple stems, they might indicate a nutrient problem - it’s one I’ve not dealt with but seen on videos


lilhulahan I was concerned about the purpling of those - before I transplanted them to these bigger pots I had fox farms mixed with bad soil so I think that was the issue. Im gonna see if the color start to change back (it’s gotten greener again on the bottom of the stems). if not i’m gonna get some calcium magnesium for it or something else a video recommends.

Peng What ph are you watering at?

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Day: 23

transplanted to bigger pot with fox farms soil. ph tested perfect & watered

a year ago

Day: 17


a year ago

Day: 16


a year ago