Gold Leaf x3 California Dream x1

Veg log closed

Grown in mix of : 20%premium potting mix 30%perlite/vermiculite 50%coco coir Pot size at finish: 7gallon Nutrients: Dutch Masters Seeds arrived 20th Feb and placed into wet paper towel with Ozimagic Feminized Seed soak and clone starter. Night of 21st Feb most seeds had popped. 5x California Dream- 2 popped 5x Chronic Widow- 5 popped 5x Gold Leaf- 4 popped

Cali Dream, Gold Leaf.

Day 45 (Week 7)

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Day: 45

Day 6 of flower. Down to 3 Gold Leaf as I gave the 2 smaller ones away. No feed again today except for the Cali Dream received 3 litres of full bloom nutrients. The others will get the same treatment next watering. Pic 2 is the top of the Cali Dream plant. Looks like some stretch to come this next week since these nodes are spaced at around 3 inches apart on this plant when finished.

4 years ago

genghis_quan I wish I was in your city I would have happily gave them a new home 🙋🏽‍♂️🙋🏽‍♂️ such beautiful plants I’d have to buy a new tent to make room 😂

GiantBud Looking great! they filled in very nicely

ClandestineWestOz Started a new flowering cycle grow mate. Thought it’s easier if I combine my 2 grows into 1 since all are flowering.

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Day: 44

Day 5 of flowering cycle. The Gold Leaf middle right side has exploded in growth and almost is as high as the California Dream. Should receive my new light hood sometime middle of this next week along with my duct silencer and new Ozimagic flowering nutrients for the full changeover to flower. No feed for these plants today, Cali Dream May receive one tomorrow.

4 years ago

Kb250 Girls really stretching. Looks good!

genghis_quan Looking great friend. These girls are looking huge!

ClandestineWestOz Yeah guys they Gold Leaf has really stretched in this first week of flowering. They say the strain has been stabilised a little more on the Sativa side even though the Indica lineage is sitting at 65%. First time growing this strain and so far I’m impressed.

Day: 43

Flowering day 4 Transplanted one of the Gold Leaf I started to manifold but gave up on, it’s sitting top left. Also planted one of the Church clones as the roots were about 6 inches out of the rockwool. Moved California Dream to centre of the tent. Watered both transplants to help settle in. The aroma coming from the Gold Leaf plants is very unique, can’t wait to see how it smells further in flower.

4 years ago

Budvibes Alright man well the only tip I could give is once you start something like training n shit it’s good to give lots of love n don’t stop unless you’ll confuse her if you no what I meanI’ve only cloned once in my life n they where going good until my brother pissed on them the cunt lolz but yeah it’s good to see that they are health man good job

ClandestineWestOz Cheers bro any advice is taken on board!

Budvibes I’ll let you know what the aroma is when it’s on it’s last day n atm where my buds are up too..the aroma n stickyness is insane never seen nothing like I’ve grown only Aussie this is the first time with these seeds lolz I also did have granddaddy purple also but your in for a treat on theses ones lolz good luck 👍

Day: 42


Flowering day 3 2 Gold Leaf on the right droopy from needing water. Now all are droopy from receiving 50/50 mix of half strength veg and flowering nutrients with added bloom booster (0,4,9)

4 years ago

Kb250 They look nice and healthy. Good luck in flowering!

ClandestineWestOz Cheers KB 👍

Day: 41

Flower cycle day 2.

4 years ago

Day: 40

First full day of flower cycle 12/12. Getting some more wire tie to do a little training of the laterals tonight on the Gold Leaf plants. Cali Dream top left.

4 years ago

Tufmor Lookin healthy!!!

ClandestineWestOz Cheers buddy 👍

genghis_quan Around how tall do you think these are friend?

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Day: 39

Ordering my new MH/HPS hood tonight that will cover the 5x5 tent footprint. That way I can remove both led lights and use them in the closet to start my next grow soon while this grow is in flower. Will need to order more seeds though as I only have 5 Gelato seeds. I have ALWAYS wanted to grow the Bubblegum strain and have been checking out Mephisto genetics Hubbabubbasmelloscope automatic. Anyone had any growing experience with that strain?

4 years ago

genghis_quan Bubblegum originated in my home state 🤯 I have been seeing some pictures/videos on auto flowers and I may try one out soon. This grow I’m on now will be about 4 months time total. If I could grow half of what I do now with an auto flower I may do that. Just in case vacation or random things come up killing an auto or chopping early would be less devastating that a plant I had to veg out.

genghis_quan I sometimes forget to turn on my post comments for when I comment on your page! Gonna refollow to get comment updates too

ClandestineWestOz The app still has a lot of bugs, I go to followed list and I get connection error, same as alerts. Notifications stopped working a few days but then started working again. I did use another grow app but it’s a personal one where you can’t see others grows and they can’t see yours.

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Day: 37

Back to the MH globe for another week perhaps then I’d like to initiate flowering. The larger potted plants are more mature than my last grow when I switched to flower. I’ll repot the 2 in smaller pots today but most likely giving them away. Watered today.

4 years ago

genghis_quan Haha I’m gonna give my guy that’s 2 weeks behind time to catch up before I flower. Including time to dry befor I go to Europe. Wish me luck haha.

ClandestineWestOz You are off to Europe during your grow? Obviously somebody is watering?

ClandestineWestOz Unfortunately my impatience and the fact my seeds came late is the reason I started my Church grow without the other seeds. I’d have liked for them to be on the same growth day and make for a more even grow experience. Another 7 days is all I’ll wait before switching to flowering.

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Day: 35

Swapped my room around so my Church and Chronic Widow are under the led light side and replaced the MH lamp to the HPS globe running 18/6 to add some stretch to these Gold Leaf plants.

4 years ago

genghis_quan I transplanted my only big lady today!! The rootball looked amazing

Day: 34

Used a few skewers to manipulate the stem a bit to give the bottom branching more light. Also received my new 6” fan and filter combo.

4 years ago

Bassman Nice.😁

genghis_quan What kind of light do you have again? I am thinking about building a quantum board soon

ClandestineWestOz I’m using 2 x 600w led lights and a 600w MH dimmed to 450w bro. If I had a better hood for my MH/HPS globes I’d only use that, my cool hood doesn’t have a good footprint of light I need a different one.

Day: 33

24 hours after transplant. Gave the surrounding soil mix a light watering of root conditioner to encourage the roots to reach outside its root zone. Sitting under 2 Vipar Spectra leds (V600 and PAR 600).

4 years ago

genghis_quan My wife and I are closing on a new house and I want to have a stealth grow under the stairs. Gonna build a quantum board if you’ve ever heard of those because they don’t use fans so they are super quiet. For my 2x2 I was gonna get the 135 w but it has a big heat sink on it you have to wire (not that bad) but look at the q65’s has, they are just little panels you plug in and I was thinking about getting 2 of them for my 2x2 and getting insane light coverage. Stoned and rambling but check it out homie!!

genghis_quan Beautiful as always btw

ClandestineWestOz That’s awesome buddy, I hope you and the missus get the house you want! Yeah mate I’ve seen those quantum boards in action, definitely would be a good thing without the fans, led lights fans aren’t too annoying though.

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Day: 32


Transplant day for The 4 plants that were only topped, 3 Gold Leaf 🍁 and 1 California Dream.

4 years ago

genghis_quan What size did you transplant them to?

ClandestineWestOz These are 7 gallon pots. Should be ample room as I’m not going to veg for much longer, maybe a week or so.


Ducatiboy A gallon a month is a good reference

Day: 31



4 years ago

genghis_quan Truly beautiful! Do ever defoliate?

ClandestineWestOz Occasionally I will mate 😎

Day: 30

3 topped Gold Leaf pic1 2 Gold Leaf under training (1 breakage) pic2 1 natural California Dream pic3 1 Chronic Widow I removed from this grow log pic4

4 years ago

Day: 29

Topped all plants except Cali Dream but only started to manifold 2 of the Gold Leaf. All plants around 5-6 nodes and 4-5 inches tall after topping. I plan to grow these out for 14-21 more days then switch to flowering schedule.

4 years ago

Day: 28


Stacking on nodes so decided it was time to top and lollipop a few to start a manifold. The others I will keep natural including the California Dream (pic3)

4 years ago

genghis_quan I love the color of these. Yesterday one of my stakes snapped the stem on my Stinkbug plant (one that was topped weird/growing unevenly anyways) but it sucks because the three good ones left now (besides my 2 week little lady) I have no clue on gender. Good practice on manifolding tho

ClandestineWestOz Some of the colour could be attributed to the led lights, they tend to add a blue hue when the red spectrum is turned off. That sucks bro about the snappage. Worst thing is getting hermies when you’ve been flowering for 3 weeks lol. Happened to me first grow and it was my only plant.

genghis_quan I still have one fem that’s like 2-4 weeks behind, and three great plants. Realized I cut too low on one of them (was trying to make clones) and damaged one of the young new growth so it will just have three tops. I’m thinking about splitting the lone one out into two. I topped higher on the ones I did today so I don’t do that again. This first experience has taught me a lot with all this training and lst lol

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Day: 27

5x Gold Leaf pic1 California Dream pic2 One of the Gold Leaf with the leaf mutation has unusual top growth, top laterals started growing out but top growth has a small conjoined twin (pic4,5). These will be topped in the coming week. Received my 5 replacement seeds sent because I had a few germinate but not grow, great customer service by ILGM.

4 years ago

Bassman Nice 👍🏾

Day: 25

Slow but steady growth since transplanting back to smaller pots. Both back plants have slightly mutated leaves but I’m thinking its because they are both closest to my intake fan the root zone may be colder than it should be (although not blowing directly on them). No feed again today as soil is still moist.

4 years ago

Day: 24


Cali Dream front. 5 x Gold Leaf to the rear. No feed today as all soils are still moist.

4 years ago

Zergas Perfect so cute lol :)

Fruity Looking good mate

Day: 22

Transplanted all seedlings into 2 litre pots to aid in growth. This way I can see more easily weather the soil is moist. Should have done this originally instead of being lazy. 5 Bergman’s Gold Leaf to the back and the Cali Dream front centre.

4 years ago

Zergas Growing fast now nute it up son! :)

Day: 21

All plants got a small drink of quarter strength nutrient. Added .5ml of Dutch Masters ZONE root zone conditioner to their 2ltr feed bottle. 🍼

4 years ago

Day: 20

Added second 600w Vipar Spectra led light over seedlings as they were starving for light.

4 years ago

Day: 19

Only the Cali Dream (middle right row) getting a drink today. All Gold Leaf are still moist.

4 years ago

Day: 17

All transplanted except the Chronic Widow which I’ll probably put in the back yard. Couldn’t be bothered getting smaller pots to fill the void in between seedling and plant. I’ll add my second led light on the seedling side next time I get a spare minute.

4 years ago

Day: 15


5 Bergman’s Gold Leaf top. Critical Widow bottom left. California Dream bottom right. I’ve turned them upside down to see how the root systems are going and I’m happy with how they are coming along. First picture of roots is the smallest plant (Chronic Widow), other is the Cali Dream. The Gold Leaf 🍁 roots are all around the same as the Cali Dream.

4 years ago

genghis_quan Looking great homie 🤠

Day: 14

5 Gold Leaf to the left, Chronic Widow top right and Cali Dream bottom right. The transplant pots for 5 of these plants are in the tent waiting for them already.

4 years ago


Ducatiboy Looking good! They’ll love their bigger home!

ClandestineWestOz Thanks buddy I hope so. I won’t transplant them for another week or so probably.


Ducatiboy Ahh ok

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Day: 13

I’m glad I didn’t see these for a day because I can certainly see the growth even in the little runt Chronic Widow top left.

4 years ago

genghis_quan The shape of plants at this stage reminds me of something from a Nintendo game lol

ClandestineWestOz Hahaha yeah I can see how! They do look a little animated.

Day: 11

Sometime during the last 18 hour grow phase the NFT system leaked out 30 litres of water inside my tent and tripped the power out and the liner has leaked into the room my tent sits in and saturated the carpet. I’m not sure how long the plants were without light so I’m going to keep them on until tomorrows dark cycle. I also decided I am going to remove this NFT setup and get the unit sealed properly for my next grow. Had to repot all the seedlings into seed raising mix so these will all be transplanted into larger pots in the coming weeks. This set back is going to cost me time I couldn’t spare as the ‘Church’ plants are going to have to be well trained to manage their size. They will be monsters by the time these seedlings take off.

4 years ago


Ducatiboy Damn thats never good! Hopefully they catch up!

Day: 10

Chronic widow front left is almost dead as expected, it’s twin is barely growing as the jiffy pot it’s in has been compacted and over saturated. I’ll repot it in the NFT basket with hydroton tonight after a thorough washing of the root system to rid it of any soil. May do the other plants too while I’m at it

4 years ago

GiantBud They look really healthy. I bet they will love your setup. I want to NFT one day.

ClandestineWestOz I had them set up in there just after my update and woke up to find sometime through the night the power had been tripped. Seems I had a leak in the feed line somewhere and my reservoir is now emptied into my tent.! Also guess I need a new tent as my tent floor liner is no longer water proof and my carpet in the spare room under the tent is now saturated. Bummer

Day: 8

Tomorrow these will be placed into the NFT system if all is well and the silicon sealant dries on one of the feed lines.

4 years ago

Day: 7

5 Gold Leaf centre, left is the 2 Chronic Widow (think the supported one might die and surprised it hasn’t already) and right is the sole survivor California Dream. All 15 seeds germinated but because 7 didn’t actually survive to produce a plant they are sending me 5 seeds of my choice so I chose ILGM Gelato fem seeds. They’ll have to be saved for next grow though as I won’t receive them for weeks yet.

4 years ago

Day: 5

No love overnight for the seeds that won’t rise. Snapped a Chronic Widow stem when I put the propagation lid on, almost cut right through so I’ve got it sitting up with a few toothpicks. I’m not sure it will survive the butchery at such a young age ☹️

4 years ago

Merch This is gonna be epic, I’ll be following this for sure

Day: 4

Replaced the jiffy pots on the seeds that hadn’t popped the surface, I think I had the soil compacted too much and it dried all crusty. Hopefully they stick their heads out in the coming days.

4 years ago

GiantBud Looks like a really nice setup!

ClandestineWestOz Thanks mate I just want to see bushes already, the seedling stage is the worst!

Day: 3

All 5 Bergman’s Gold Leaf have broke the surface. Only 1 California Dream is up and 2 Chronic Widows. Hopefully the others aren’t far behind.

4 years ago

Day: 2

All seeds except 1 California Dream have germinated so I placed them into jiffy pots in my seedling starter where they will remain until the roots are big enough for them all to go into the NFT system.

4 years ago

Day: 1

Not much action, these seeds are still in labour.

4 years ago


Ducatiboy Labor my ass pop them bitches hahahaahahaha!!! Clandestine back at it with the heat!

ClandestineWestOz All things going good this tent is going to be full! It was my birthday yesterday so the seeds were my present to myself lol Ordered them back on December 20th 2018 but my first order must have picked up by border security, Bastards!

ClandestineWestOz What I REALLY want is some of that Ducatiboys own seeds 🤤

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