Zkittles auto

Winter 21

Vipersprectra P2000 and 2 BP 1000, 5gal pot 4:1 FFOF/perlite starting with just the viper at 24”


Day 77 (Week 11)

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Day: 77

Amber trichomes discovered h2o feeding

10 months ago

Day: 74

Just some h2o. Not quite getting there

10 months ago


KIOS_Funky84 Hell yea bro looking nice

Fosterfire Anxiously waiting

Day: 71

Waiting is the hardest part Nute feeding today

10 months ago

Day: 66

Nute feeding today and trichomes starting to turn amber well a few so going to start flushing her next feed.

10 months ago

Day: 58

Water only. She’s starting to fade, not sure if a issue is happening

a year ago

stick e fingerz

stick e fingerz A good fade during flush is proper get all that chlorophyll out 👍

Day: 56

Cruising along. Just water today

a year ago

Day: 54

Fed nute regime upped tiger bloom to 1/2 tsp

a year ago

Day: 48

Fed her nute regimen

a year ago

Day: 37

Nute feeding. She’s going a little crazy now taking up more room then I was hoping for.

a year ago

emd555 😂😂 my amnesia haze did that😩 she getting light burn bc I can’t raise my damn light anymore she’s almost just as big as my photos that are 10 days older than her and have no room in the tent to tie her down from the light 🤦🏼‍♀️

Fosterfire Crazy. I did so lst with her to help control her so can only imagine if I didn’t.

emd555 I did train her.. even tied down she has 18-20” colas if I hadn’t trained her she would be touching my lights.. lesson learned they going in my bigger tent next time I run her!!

Day: 36

Ph balanced h2o

a year ago

Day: 27


Fed ph balanced h2o w 2ml mag/cal

a year ago

Day: 23

5 5 5 mix of veg nutes

a year ago

Day: 19

Some more tying

a year ago

Day: 18

Fed 1 can with water mixture of Seaweed extract grow big and Blum

a year ago

Day: 15

Started bending

a year ago

Day: 14

5ml:1 gal. Grow:water. About 32oz

a year ago

Day: 12

Fed ph balance water starting lst

a year ago

Day: 10

Move the lights up to 28 inches and added bp1000, fed Neptune harvest seaweed kelp 8th tablespoon to 32 ounces water. Experimenting more with additional nutes this grow. Not sure what’s going on with the curly leaves trying to figure It out

a year ago

Day: 9

Second set of leaves curling down, may have over watered

a year ago

Day: 8

First feeding hopefully she likes. 1gal h20 with 5ml bloom

a year ago

Day: 7

Just light spray plain water. Tent rh 55-60

a year ago

Day: 5

Tent humidity in 60s

a year ago