Peyote Gorilla (1st Grow)

Summer 2019

Black Magic nutrients A & B, organic bloom cal-mag, and pro-mix perlite soil 60/40. Germinated 5/27/19

Feminized Indica photo

Day 130 (Week 19)

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Day: 130

Jarred to cure and weighed a final total of 122g (little under 4 1/2 Oz)

5 years ago

Day: 129

Harvested last week, forgot to post last week. Have been drying for 5 days

5 years ago

Day: 115

4 days shy for week 4 flower 50% amber trichs on sugar leaves and cloudy heads on calyx

5 years ago

Day: 107

Week 4 of flower, fresh feeding yesterday and more light defoilation. Amazing smell and trichomes are turning cloudy

5 years ago

Day: 100


Fresh feeding today and defoilation. 3 weeks @ 12/12. Buds developed and are now swelling. Frost has also developed

5 years ago

Day: 93

More defoilation and water. Buds starting to form

5 years ago

Day: 87

Just defoliated them lightly. Fresh feeding of blooming nutes. Calyx swelling and pistols forming. Main stem hardening on both as well

5 years ago

Day: 79


First day flipped to flower. Ran 36 hrs of darkness before flip and also rotated plants. Fresh feeding today and LST continues.

5 years ago

Day: 74

Week 2 of scrog

5 years ago

Day: 66

Stalks thickening and more nodes exposed due to scrog

5 years ago

Day: 59

Last topping done yesterday, scrog going up tomorrow

5 years ago

Day: 54

Topped and more LST with a fresh feeding

5 years ago

4twenty Added 24" arcadia full spectrum long tube

Day: 47

Both plants were transplanted into end pot and have begun removing medium for bonzai effect. More LST training done as well

5 years ago

Day: 39

2nd week of LST bending and FIM

5 years ago

Day: 32

Slight Boron deficiency developed, corrected with organic bloom cal-mag. Topped 2days ago

5 years ago

Day: 26

3 inches tall LST started with one node developed on each (2 plant grow)

5 years ago