DWC Big Yeild Auto #2

Summer 2019

This strain is well known for its amazing yields and short flowering time. It has a high amount of THC, which can reach up to 22%, and a low level of CBD. Germinated via Paper towel. 2X4X5 tent. 1200w LED. Firefox Nutrients, Cal Mag, Indoor Grow. DWC 2gallon Bucket.

Big Yield Auto

Day 64 (Week 10)

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Day: 64

Update.. budding up well. This plant will go to 90-100 days before harvest!

4 years ago

Day: 51

Plant is stretching.. 1 feet away from top of lights.. believe it’s at it height point.. plant is budding.. will monitor over the week and up buys

4 years ago

Day: 34

Changed to Hydroponic nutrients 3parts. Will monitor over a week and change to Flower Nutrients once showing transition

4 years ago

Day: 30


4 years ago

Day: 27


Plant trying to regain strength after shock. New growth is forming.. will continue to monitor

4 years ago

Day: 22

Nutrient issues.. will try to revive.

4 years ago

Day: 14

Plant currently growing slow; Plant is currently on Day 14 from Germination. First day of Nutrients. 3ml of CalMag, 4Tbs of FoxFarm Bloom, 2tbs of Fox farm Grow Big, PH 5.7-6.3 Temp: 72 Hum:62

4 years ago

Day: 7

Plant growing slowly.. just now breaking away from seed

4 years ago

Day: 2

48hrs of Germination

4 years ago