First grow

Winter/Early Spring 2017/18

First ever grow. Keeping seedlings in a space bucket w/cfls for a couple weeks and then move outside to greenhouse

Amnesia Haze & Northern Lights

Day 18 (Week 3)

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Day: 18


Heavy watering

6 years ago

Day: 14


Moved all 7 plants to green house a couple days ago and they seem to love it

6 years ago

mr- Also topped 2 NL & 2 AH the day before(day 13)

Day: 10

Transplanting remaining 3. 2 Northern Lights and 1 Amnesia Haze(was burned from the light)

6 years ago

mr- Last northern light is 1 week behind others

Day: 6


Transplanted 2 Northern Lights & 2 Amnesia Haze. Left them under cfls for a couple days before moving them into the greenhouse

6 years ago

Day: 2

3 Northern Lights on the left and 3 Amnesia Haze on the right. The 1 AH on the top right was burned from my light (woke up in the am to check and my lights fell and luckily only burned one of my girls)

6 years ago

Day: 1

1st day in soil. Moving seeds into peat plugs and will add castings into plug

6 years ago

v I’m doing amnesia haze & NL now as well, mine are about 2 weeks from seed tho