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Day 78 (Week 12)

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Day: 78

Getting yellowing leaves... will stop feeding. Watered only today

2 years ago

Day: 68

Fed today recharge

2 years ago

Day: 62

Fed today gro, flora, micro, calmag, recharge. Cut off dry leaves

2 years ago

Day: 57

Full flower. Some leaves are starting to dry up and curl. Maybe too much light. Fed bloom, gro, micro, calmag, recharge

2 years ago

Day: 50

Started flowering. Fed recharge, micro, flora, grow, calmag

2 years ago

Day: 47

Making a comeback but she’s going pre flower. Fed today recharge, micro, gro, flora, calmag

2 years ago

Day: 43

Getting some color and growth. Stunted but she may recover a bit

2 years ago

Day: 40

A little late for lst but I’ll give it a go. Fed today flora trio, calmag, recharge

2 years ago

Day: 36

I think she may be permanently stunted 😞

2 years ago


lawson999 if its a photoperiod dont worry you will just need a longer veg cycle

Day: 33

Recovering from transplant. Not stretching

2 years ago

Day: 18

Stunted Plant due to transplanting and soil issues. Soil is too compact

2 years ago