Autoflower Trial #1

Humbolt Seeds

6 Magic Melon auto flower seeds started directly in soil. Soil is 85% Organic raised bed soil (no perlite or fermiculite) 10% Humalfa soil amendment, 5% bio char DG. Prewatered with initial feed to wet the soil: AN Sensi Grow A&B @1mL/L, AN Nirvana @2mL/L, AN Voodoo Juice @2mL/L and Mykos WS

Magic Melon

Day 2 (Week 1)

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Day: 2

Watered seed locations with 1 Liter per pot. 6 Liter feed: 5 mL Clonex, 1mL each Sensi A&B, 6 mL CalMag, 6 mL Nirvana

4 years ago

Day: 0

Seeing the seeds of love...

4 years ago