Pineapple Express (Fast Buds)

Summer 23

Two Popped

Pineapple Express Auto Flower (420Fastbuds)

Day 59 (Week 9)


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Day: 59

She’s moving along, not to quick but she’s moving

15 days ago

Day: 40

She’s enjoying the extra light from the side bars

a month ago

Day: 35

About halfway through the breeders recommended lifecycle of 70 days to flower from seed. Defoliated yesterday. Week 1 Flower.

a month ago


awesomeniemeier Looks sweet

Day: 33

Week 1 Flower Nutes

a month ago

Day: 30

Lookin pretty good, I should have waited to Top this baby a bit later (or not at all), but hey, I’ve gotta learn some how.

a month ago


amithus Hey I’m a totally new grower and want to know why you think you should have waited to top your plant?

plaiddaott I think I could have just given her some more time to stretch out alittle more


amithus Do you top and do the low stress training where you tie down the dominant branch?

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Day: 26

Topped 2 days ago. Fed .5 Gallons each of Lotus Nutes every 2 days.

2 months ago

Day: 22

Lookin healthy. Feeding Week 2 Veg From Lotus Nutes

2 months ago

Day: 18

Watered .5 Gallons with Lotus nutrients.

2 months ago

Day: 14

Fed with Week 1 Veg Lotus Nutrients for Drain to Waist CoCo! Got my light set up for 500 ish PPFD to start off Veg!

2 months ago

Day: 11

Started Feeding Lotus Nutrients, down to one, the other PE snapped in half after it got stuck to the fly trap.

2 months ago

Day: 7

Both Pineapple Express are lookin good!

2 months ago

Day: 7

Swapped the lights in my 3x3 and 4x4, PPFD READINGS at soil level is 210-230.

2 months ago

Day: 1

Two seeds popped and placed into three gallon pots

2 months ago