Mari J Grower

Mari J Grower

Gods grandaddy purple grape pheno

Clone greenhouse grow

I was lucky enough to get a clone of my buddy before he flipped his crop

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Day 168 (Week 24)

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Day: 168

Omg true grape flavour!! Living it. Trimming tonight and into cure. Who can resist that purple!

2 years ago


growin4thepham What's the age in that grinder. Lol. She's been thru some ish huh. Nice hash there

Mari J Grower

Mari J Grower 2 years. Been through many a grinds! Gonna have to clean it soon. Getting pretty sticky

Day: 164

Down she comes!!

2 years ago

Day: 155


Flush has started. Flawless finish and down by Friday!

2 years ago


heizenberg You’re about to be stocker up ⬆️ looks tasty 😋

Mari J Grower

Mari J Grower Thank you 😊 I’m pretty excited about this run

Day: 147

Trichrome check

2 years ago

Day: 145

Wow this girl is 🔥 thick tight heavy buds!! Living the Diablo nutes.

2 years ago

TheSocialGrower so impressive!!!

Mari J Grower

Mari J Grower Thank you.

Day: 121

Recovery is happening nicely. Added carb and cal to the menu for the next couple weeks. Diablo nutes.

2 years ago


bigsammy I like this plant

Mari J Grower

Mari J Grower Yes she is a nice plant. Recovering nicely

Day: 102

Inside you go girl!! Little bit of frost bite but nothing major!!

2 years ago

Day: 52

Soon to transplant and get ready for flower In a few weeks

2 years ago

Day: 36

She has taken off. Moved her to a 3 gallon before her roots were established but she did great!!

2 years ago

Day: 0

Moved her from a solo cup to a 3 L cloth pot started about two weeks ago she’s looking good

2 years ago