Ice Cream Cake 1:1 Grow

Summer 2024

Two plants in 5 gal pots, indoor mars hydro tent setup 2x2x4

Ice Cream Cake 1:1 CBD:THC Auto

Day 37 (Week 6)


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Day: 37


Flowering has started

3 days ago

Day: 34


Getting taller and starting to flower!

6 days ago

Day: 32

moved them around a bit in the tent since they were starting to get tight. Defoliated a few of the lower fan leaves as well

8 days ago

Day: 30

Looking good so far, some pistols showing. They’ve both finally been stretching

10 days ago

Day: 25

Trying out some LST on the left plant in the tent

15 days ago

Day: 23

Another nute feed

17 days ago

Day: 20

All looks good, gave some nutes

20 days ago

Day: 16

everything is looking good so far

24 days ago

Day: 13

day 13

a month ago


@eaegifts She looks great 👍🏾


ashd46 thanks bro!!

Day: 11


a month ago

Day: 9

Steady growth

a month ago

Day: 7

Growth is continuing. Temp sitting between 24-27 Celsius, and humidity between 45-65%

a month ago

Day: 4

day 4 after being planted in soil, both have sprouted and look okay so far

a month ago

Day: 0

2 girls germinated in paper towel and then planted

a month ago

Day: 0

Using these seeds - from (purchased a while back)

a month ago