Summer 2022

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Auto GirlScout Cookies

Day 76 (Week 11)


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Day: 76


The tall one.

18 minutes ago


Sinewygbm Surprisingly high resolution for an iPhone. Will post the microscope pix later

Day: 74


Stickiness gone, still smell sweet. Almost ready.

2 days ago

Day: 69

Getting stickier

7 days ago

Day: 63

Well into flowering. I think I will try molasses

13 days ago

Day: 59

No real changes treated last week with dish soap water

17 days ago

Day: 52

Slow progress with this heat!

24 days ago


Sinewygbm Looks like, even this early, topping this auto strain should yield bigger buds.

Day: 48

It’s been really hot here in Lala land

a month ago


bigsmokesage Hey man was wondering if you could help me with my grow don’t want my babies to die


Sinewygbm Sure. I’m no expert. I’m just a gardening hobbyist. I’m glad to help. Are you in LA?


bigsmokesage Yep in LA?

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Day: 42

Looking good.

a month ago

Day: 38

There us such a disparity. 🧐

a month ago

Day: 35

I just topped the taller girl. Let’s see what happens.

a month ago

Day: 27

Looking almost like her sister.

2 months ago

Day: 19

Hobbling along

2 months ago

Day: 19

Sister is doing better

2 months ago

Day: 10

Coming along nicely… I think. I’ll transplant them into their permanent home tonight.

2 months ago

Day: 6

I think I put them outside too soon

2 months ago


Discpimp Try to keep them out of prolonged direct light if they haven’t been in full sun yet. Few days tucked away under a tree or bush somewhere that has filtered light will get them used to it.

Day: 2

They just sprouted.

2 months ago