June 2020

Purchased seeds from Pacific Seed Company. Using. “Pot for Pot” kit and growing in Space Bucket for stealth and space issues.

LSD Auto Flower

Day 46 (Week 7)

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Day: 46

Looking good!

2 years ago

Mystics Looks great! How did it turn out?

Day: 38

She’s out here thriving! Very excited to see what next week will bring!

2 years ago

Day: 30

Wow, 30 days in and she’s looking fantastic.

2 years ago

Day: 27

Excited to see what another week will bring! First pic: 12:30pm PST Second pic: 8:30pm PST 16/8 light schedule

2 years ago

Day: 26

Really excited about how she’s looking!

2 years ago

Day: 24

Looking fresh, topped a few days ago and performed LST (not pictured)

2 years ago

Day: 19

She’s looking goooood 👍🏽 Very excited to see what her fourth week will bring!

2 years ago

Day: 17

Definitely planted it in the middle lol

2 years ago

ToneCapone420 That’s ok that it wasn’t planted in the middle. If you do LST than it’ll be easier to do since she’s close to the edge of the pot

Day: 16

A lot of progress made in the last day!

2 years ago

Day: 15

Leaves are growing!

2 years ago

Day: 13

No change in height just by looking at her, but there’s no questions the leaves are growing!

2 years ago

Day: 12

Day 12–looking good! And I’m feeling good about the grow so far.

2 years ago

Day: 11

16/8 light schedule. How she looking so far?!

2 years ago

Day: 9

Moved into a larger pot. 16-8 light schedule now. Under a 300 watt full spectrum UFO LED grow light

2 years ago

Day: 6

She’s currently 2cm, top leaves have grown quite a bit since yesterday.

2 years ago

Day: 5

I was getting worried she’d never come out of there! Moved her from the window seal to a lamp of mine for the remainder of the germination process. I started to notice her “stretching” out toward the window. Since moving, she’s standing straight up!

2 years ago

Day: 4

The seed’s been in its coco pellet for two days. I’ve kept it moist to the best of my ability and placed in a window seal for plenty of light.

2 years ago


hashCompany Seeds love dark and warmth!