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Day 168 (Week 24)

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Day: 168


3 years ago


Hammerhead420 Your in a personal preference area. Some say all cloudy with around 30% amber trichomes.

canadakush519 Agree with the above comment generally 30% Amber means the rest will be fully developed and cloudy but all strains are different

Day: 164

After many environmental changes, adding more to DIY setup, researching & learning for first grow | Finally Week 8 of Flower | 12/12 cycle | Fox Farm Trio | 2/3 close to harvest.

3 years ago

Day: 164


3 years ago


EtherealBudGoddess Looking pretty milky


ojaiamor Thank you! Getting there 🔥

Day: 37


First time - How am I looking??? Any and ALL suggestions are appreciated. Would love to learn. Not quite sure what I’m doing.

3 years ago


BRIOKUSH Get some Great white shark mycorrhizae or recharge if you’re from the states. Your plants roots aren’t sucking up any nutrients. Sprinkle it on the roots when you go to transplant. Also get a calmag solution from Amazon or hydro store and dose the water you feed it


brantleymason Thank you! Will do!


mystrain420 Sorry but that first comment is bad advice. Your plants aren’t showing any deficiency so adding calmag is a bad idea without you giving more information like how the stems feel. Real growers recharge or mycorrhiza are always safe and great to use but if you use calmag without cause you’ll burn them and clearly you don’t have mute burn or yellow so why try for it. The problem is clearly light placement and lack of lst. Research node spacing, light distance and lst (low stress training). What kind of medium are you using also?

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Day: 14

18/6 with nutrients

3 years ago

Day: 10


Just started fertilizer. Still 18/6 light cycle. First grow, any suggestions welcomed. Unknown genders yet. First time grow. Seriously don’t know what I’m doing so please suggest.

3 years ago


Jordancf72 Do those pots have holes on the bottom for water to drain?

Day: 4

Original two big pots planted on the 10/20. Small pot planted 10/21. All officially seedlings.

3 years ago

Day: 1

And so it begins

3 years ago