White Widow strain

Fox farm soil, 3 gallon pot, flora trio plus cal mag both just following the bottles, low stress + FEM method


Day 97 (Week 14)


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Day: 97

Doing great now! Leave comments on advice and tips during and throughout flower. After the nute burn and going through a move, I reduced nutrients for a while and reintroduced the plant today. Flower is going nicely and I have happy with the LST result as well as my FIM results. Leaves are looking a lot better and will probably be clearing off all lower nodes and only keeping the top 2.

a month ago

Day: 49


Anyone know what is most likely causing the tips becoming orange and drying up? I removed a bunch that were lower which were much dryer. Haven’t fertilized in 2 waterings so it could be a deficiency and humidity reached a bit of a low point for a day or two, but I’m still unsure of its cause.

3 months ago

fozzybear99 Looks like nute burn. Dial back the nutes a bit

NateTheSnake Appreciate it!

Day: 37


Accomplished something bizarre. I did two FIMs on this plant and the first one I did resulted in two new main branches instead of 4 as I was trying a new method, only after the two new main branches started developing, SOMEHOW the first main stem continued to grow forward. This made no sense to me as the two new branches only formed to continue as new main branches as the original one got cut off as I didnt remove the original nodes branches until much later, yet the main branch managed to survive?? Anyways the second FIM resulted in 4 new main branches and the original main stem did not continue forward this time and stopped. See pictures 2 and 3 showing the branches that started up after the first FIM.

3 months ago

loudpak23 Hmm that’s interesting do you prefer FIM over topping

NateTheSnake With photoperiods, yes. You get 4 new main stems and theres a TON of different methods to FIM and I think its super cool! My method guarantees 4 however some growers have methods that can guarantee upwards to 8 which is insane. However one or two FIMS max is best for a plant cause there would be too many branches lol, topping is still viable and reliable, I just like the experiment and FIM appeals to me more :D

loudpak23 Thanks will give it a go

Day: 33

Growth has started up again after heavy trimming of leaves infected with spider mites. The lady bugs have reduced the rest however they are still present. LST is going extremely well and even though I’m pissed I had to trim so much, this grow still holds strong promise. Going to add a home and food for the lady bugs as well to eliminate the possibility of another surge of mites.

3 months ago

Day: 31

Heavy pruning was done after a spider mite infestation happened. I mistook the signs for deficiencies so the infestation got pretty severe. However after heavy pruning, neem oil treatment, and adding a lady bug or two, the plant is expected to recover fully.

3 months ago

Day: 27

Plant started showing signs of deficiency on first two nodes, the leaves were removed and I increased fertilizer which the plant has responded to well! Low stress training has been underway for a week and has increased across the whole plant today. The light green foliage is all new growth and progress is going well. I chose to do a FIM instead of topping as I believe it is a photoperiod however if I’m wrong theres a chance of a smaller yield however if it is a photoperiod the extra time spent into the FIM method is well worth it.

3 months ago

Day: 19

Third node is forming. Plant responded well to fertilizer, small mites were found on sapling leafs at the bottom so they were removed which was necessary anyways. Spraying diluted neem oil for the next week. Maintaining 70-80 degrees and 40-50% humidity with sprays here and there. I may fertilize heavier after a flush.

4 months ago

Day: 9

Growing well so far, going to use fertilizer soon.

4 months ago

badmoney What kind of water do you mix with feed?