Bakerstreet- My first grow

DWC hydroponics

My first Grow and learning DWC hydroponics. Two photoperiod feminized plants being grown in a 4x2x5 Vivosun tent with 1 1000W LED light. The plants are running the general hydroponics nutrient line up with CALiMAGic.

BakerStreet by Tweed (AKA Hindu Kush)

Day 220 (Week 32)

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Day: 220

2 weeks from flushing the nutrients with plain R.O. Water and then harvest

3 years ago


hem-p 🙌🏽💯


BigSluice I do 10 days of flush with flora kleen

Day: 182

Through a jewellers glass

3 years ago

Day: 181

My ladies be getting big

3 years ago

Day: 144

Started flower on the Oct 15th

3 years ago

Day: 103

Plants are getting real wide. Today I trimmed both plants which started as large bushes

4 years ago

Day: 94

After defoliation and topping

4 years ago

Day: 81

Just topped the plants. The new air pump is working great and the plants are growing quick, I just ordered a automatic 4L humidifier too.

4 years ago

Day: 62

Did some trimming on Meringue (the plant on the left). The plants look so healthy and are growing so quick with my new air pump.

4 years ago

Day: 55

Figured out a couple days ago that I my original air pumps were only making 0.24LPM and the minimum I need for my buckets was 5LPM. So now with my new pump which creates 9LPM for each bucket I should see some huge growth now

4 years ago

Day: 45

I elevated my tent today so the buckets aren’t taking up space that the plant could use to grow.

4 years ago

Day: 42

Plant on the left was topped for the first time yesterday. As for the plant on the right I’m still waiting or it to grow out of the basket.

4 years ago

DankPlug They’re really tiny for 40+ days old

Day: 37

These are my two plants the one on the left is named Meringue and the plant on the right is named Kelsey. We are a few weeks in and I just trimmed them yesterday, so they will grow tall enough to be outside the basket which will allow them to grow nice and wide.

4 years ago