First grow

Spring 2020

4 plants grown in pro mix hp with t5 light for seedlings and hlg 550 v2 rspec for veg and flower

Head banger

Day 81 (Week 12)

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Day: 81

Lost two of my biggest plants

4 years ago

Day: 56

Almost time

4 years ago

Day: 51


4 years ago

Day: 34

Getting back on track after having ph problems I had phd the water the. Added nutes like a idiot so my ph was probably in the 3s note for next time

4 years ago

Day: 25

Day 25 experiencing ph problems with a few of the plants always check the daily

4 years ago

Day: 17

Slight discolouration I’m thinking the light was to close or it’s a ph problem will check back soon

4 years ago

Day: 15

2 days after transplant they seem to be taking with no visible stress possibly did not give them enough water after transplant or I just enough lol either way time will tell note for next time

4 years ago

Day: 13

13 days in and we have transplanted the 4 biggest plants a few of the roots were broken during hoping she recovers nicely still a minimum feeding of nutrients I might need to up it

4 years ago

Day: 12

Under the hlg550 v2 rspec they go I think these baby’s need to be transplanted they don’t seem to be looking happy not sure if it’s the lack of Nutes little too much nutes or they need to be transplanted will check back in a few days

4 years ago

turtle7266 Nice! What nutrients do you like, if don’t mind?

Trailerparkbhoys I’m Using remo nutrients but they have barley had any yet

Day: 10

4 in the front looking nice followed by the slow growers on the end 1st day of nutrients very small amount

4 years ago

Day: 9

3rd shoot coming up just water 5.5under t5 light

4 years ago

Day: 7

Growing second nodes

4 years ago

Day: 6

4of the 5 headbanger are growing nicely with the 5th one growing slowly and random bag seed growing slowly just adjusted the ph to 5.5 it was almost 8 before I decided it check it

4 years ago

Day: 4

18/6plants are growing nicely on just water

4 years ago

Day: 3

Plants just came out of their dimes to soak up some light and oxygen ;)

4 years ago

Day: 2

The plant is currently 1 inch above soil on 18\6 light schedule only misting the top soil and humidity some with plain water

4 years ago