2x4 ROLS 2nd run in bed

Fall 21

Sowing these down today 9/6

Cream Carmel

Day 109 (Week 16)

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Day: 109

Re amendment and a top dress of fresh mulch and DE. Will be sprouting again next new moon 🌚

2 years ago

Day: 104

Needed loppers to cut that thick stalk

2 years ago


delta918 I’m still smoking on this 3kilo plant haha 4/29/22

Day: 96

Trimmed 3lbs off the top today

2 years ago

Day: 93


Been under the weather and felt good enough to check on the cannabis today. Looks like I need to harvest soon

2 years ago

Day: 74


Logging some flower shots

2 years ago


bud*babe.niina Wow πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

stick e fingerz

stick e fingerz Very nice πŸ‘

Day: 71


this plant is just a freak

2 years ago

Day: 62


Wonder why so thick

2 years ago


KizzyKush Jesus Christ my guy… talk about thick foliage!! 😳 Are you going to lollipop trim them soon?? Those nugs will turn to monsters and grow 3 times as faster too! What light are you using?


combatmedic81 You should get rid of that lower stuff


tomclancy Wow. Is this multiple plants?

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Day: 54


Some snaps of the beach ball

2 years ago

mystrain420 _@eaegifts

mystrain420 _@eaegifts Thick πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

Day: 42

Small round bush phenotype

2 years ago

Day: 29

The 9/6 seed

2 years ago