First time grow

First timer

This is my first grow ever, any tips are appreciated! Setup - 315w cmh light, 4x4x7 tent, 5 gal pots, only water living soil.

Maui waui

Day 110 (Week 16)

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Day: 110


Trimmed up and put one node into a jar still a little wet I guess because the stems didn’t snap snap more or less bent over. Rest is still hung and drying hope it ends up tasting as yummy as it smells and looks. Day 4 of drying

3 years ago


leland3471 Nice job on the grow. Buds look good.

Day: 100


Plucked a small bud from the bottom 3 days ago to see how it would be with no amber just cloudy trichomes. Before and after trim, still drying

3 years ago

Day: 95


I’d say prolly half cloudy half clear a few amber here and there hoping another week maybe 2

3 years ago


heizenberg Looks very frosty and gonna be killer smoke. Awesome.

lazyfisherman Thank u appreciate it, and I hope so I’m a little worried about dry and cure that makes or breaks a grower I’ve heard

Day: 89


Them trichomes really packing on, not really any of them are cloudy yet and no amber at all. Maybe 2-3 weeks on this one?

3 years ago

lazyfisherman Thanks 🙏 I’m hopeing itll be 2-3 weeks just not seeing too many cloudy trichomes had me worried thinking itll be longer

Day: 88

This one doesn’t look as good idk what’s going on with the top of it, can anyone tell me what that’s all about

3 years ago


DiSMEMBR_ The spacing is just becuase the buds haven’t fully bloomed yet. Also feel the tips of your buds. It could just be the angle but it looks like it’s producing seed sacs. If the tips are getting hard like they are producing seeds they might have hermied

lazyfisherman I don’t think it’s hermie i squeezed some of the pollen sack looking things they are soft and flatten when I squeeze them, it’s next to another maui that looks 10x better and doesn’t seem to have any signs of hermie

Day: 87


6th week of flower, no cloudy trichomes yet

3 years ago


(Farmer)John Nice bro! Come check out my recent post. I need answers.

Day: 81

5th week of flower, anyone got a ballpark number on how long she’s got? Mouths watering everytime I see her

3 years ago

homiegrown Looking good bro 😎 at least 2 more weeks tho In flower. You’re looking for all the hairs to turn from white to amber

homiegrown Friendly reminder to flush two weeks prior to harvest !

lazyfisherman Do I still need to flush even if I’m not using bottled nutes? I’ve only used molasses twice and cal mag once other than that it’s been pure water.

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Day: 78


Both plants started at same time and have had the same treatment/schedule, the only thing different is the more frosty one I topped a few days sooner than the other because it was bigger.

3 years ago

Day: 75

Can anyone tell me what this is?

3 years ago


hijo140 carence calcium

lazyfisherman What does that mean

trampo You need to some cal mag . Look it up, helps with the deficiencies. It works great aswell

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Day: 67

Day 23 of flower, when does stretch end?

3 years ago


NorthernGrow204 Your going to need some support for those branches, few bamboo sticks and plant wire 👌 👍

lazyfisherman Is that a good or bad thing lmao


NorthernGrow204 It is a glorious thing 👍😁 I wish I would have added support on my last grow, I did not but regret it.. I like pulling each plant out to inspect during waterings though, especially during the last 4 weeks and harvest time to use the loupe to see the trichome ripeness..

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Day: 61

Flowers really coming in 😍

3 years ago


buffy Beautiful!


purplehase Great picture

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Day: 58


Almost 2 weeks into flower, happy how these are turning out for my first run ever

3 years ago

lazyfisherman Oh for sure it does, I can’t lie tho I’m a little worried about the dry/cure phase

lazyfisherman It’s rather humid where I’m at most likely will need a few more days than usual, I try to read up as much as I can about it but ofc it’s nothing compared to actual experience. I just gotta rely on the good ol trial and error method

Day: 56

12th day of flower

3 years ago

Day: 47


This is my first grow ever any and all tips are appreciated! Here’s a full gallery of my grow from start till now, I just flipped them 3 days ago at 44 days 2 Maui waui and 1 berry white

3 years ago


combatmedic81 Next time I would let them veg a little more and get bigger

lazyfisherman I’m not familiar with how much they grow after flowering and was a little worried about them becoming too tall, I was told a cmh puts off a lot of heat and can burn ur plants they suggested 3 ft away from top of canopy, does this sound accurate?


combatmedic81 It can burn them, but I don’t know about 3 feet? I would say 20-24 inches away from the light would be ok. I used to get light burn with a double ended bulb, but only the buds that got right next to the light

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Day: 47

First grow, any tips or suggestions?

3 years ago

Gianco I’m a new grower too. They look very good. What soil are you using?

lazyfisherman Thanks, and it’s a local brand called the dank. It’s a living soil with its own ecosystem the shop owner said with it you don’t have to do anything besides water and add a product called dank dust every 5 weeks and to add molasses when flowering. Said it’s great for new growers

Gianco Sounds really good. I star with an ebb and flow hydroponic and man, have been very busy trying to keep everything in check. I have made a few mistakes but I have learn a lot. I went with the northern lights just to have better results as a new grower.

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Day: 7

Day 7 after flip is it still too early to see sex?

3 years ago

Mr. CannaVolution

Mr. CannaVolution It’s hard to tell but when those two pistols are crossed or touching it seems to be female, if they stick straight out from my experience it’s a good sign of a male


Zeyberlin That looks like a male flower before pooping open


Zeyberlin LOL poping

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