Acapulco Gold Clones Outdoor

Spring Summer 2021

3 clones received May 16 2021, 2 out of 3 look healthy, 1 looks a little stunted. Transferred to med pots with combo of potting soil, compost worm castings and peat. Not sure how many days since germination. This is my first attempt at growing so wish me luck!

Acapulco Gold

Day 107 (Week 16)

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Day: 107


Solved the yellowing problem by adding more nitrogen, used the liquid hydroponics but also added a ground covering of cow manure. Within a week the leaves stopped turning yellow and the green deepend in colour. Been rotating plants for better sun coverage and growth. Continued with some LST to keep the major perimeter branches growing outwards vs up. Noticed this week hairs started growing so looks like flowering stage has started (Yay!). Not sure what day number it was but within the last week. Concerned with hours of light as the sun angle lowers there’s more hours of it shaded behind house next door. Hopefully that won’t have too much of an impact. Plants are super heavy, prob over 150/200lbs so not easy to move. Have been gradually removing any yellow leaves, lower leaves and the big fan leaves to increase airflow and the plants energy focus on buds. Not sure how much and when so just doing it a little at a time.

3 years ago

Chief Smokalot

Chief Smokalot Looks really great, I love the strain choose btw.. nothing beats the classics. Just a heads up, during flowering stage nitrogen should be significantly dropped while the P, and K should be raised substantially ( N-P-K) . Yellowing and loss of leaves is normal for a a plant that is on its way or during its flowering stage. Problems with having too much nitrogen during the flowering stage results to excess of foliage/leaves. As well as also hindering the flowering cycle. You’re doing great tho and your plant looks awesome.

friuitfly05 Thanks for the tips! I hadn’t updated the journal for a while so the nitrogen boost was actually about 2 weeks ago now. I am following the recommended ratio of the Gen Hydroponics Flora series so last application was the “in transition” ratios but will move to “flowering stage” ratio from here in out. Question for you though, should I be taking more leaves off gradually as the buds grow bigger or does it really matter? This whole journey has been a fun experiment and I’ve learned a lot, but there’s always more to learn, especially from people who have the wisdom and experience to know what works best. 😃

Chief Smokalot

Chief Smokalot Okay cool, you’re welcome. Cannabis plants are always hungry and thirsty.. I wonder if that’s why they make us so hungry after thirsty after consuming em haha and I like to remove more leaves closer to the bottom/ mid of the plant. The idea is to create more airflow but also to allow light to reach to more potential bud sites. For my plants I do a “ look thru test” I stand in front of the plant and I I try to look thru it. If I can’t see thru it then I know light and air must be having a hard time getting thru as well. So I’ll remove leaves until there is some transparency Looking thru the plant.

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Day: 84

Transferred to final pot, 30 Gal cloth bags about 3 weeks ago. Continued with LST but no more FIM or topping recently. Rotating daily for even sun exposure. Approx 7 hrs direct sunlight, which is best possible for our yard. Using Gen Hydroponics FloraGro/Micro/Bloom with bottle recommended ratios usually 2x per week. We’ve had lots of rain in July so couldn’t always fertilize when I wanted to d/t overwatering concerns. Some yellowing of the lower leaves but otherwise looks good.

3 years ago

Day: 22

Basic LST with Larry and Moe, Curly was topped but it hasn’t shown much regrowth or dividing of the main colas. Then continuing to take them in at night because the stupid gypsy moth caterpillar‘s taking over the yard and I keep finding more on there and watching the leaves. Been feeding with basic all natural marine fertilizer every 4-5 days for a boost, and watering prey much every day once the top starts looking dry.

3 years ago

Day: 12


Brought the kids in for the day under lights because it’s down to single digits outside today. 🥶☁️ Larry’s FIMing didn’t take, so trying some LST. Trying bending with Moe too. Curly was topped today (kinda by accident 😳), so I’ll see how that goes 🤞🏼😬🤞🏼. Should I be removing the lower leaves??? Am I bending them enough???

3 years ago


Zeyberlin Noice!!

Day: 3

Day 3 since repotting. Avg daytime temp 20°C, lots of sunshine, bringing in at night to the greenhouse.

3 years ago


dale2216 Are the other two moe and larry ?

friuitfly05 They are! The gimpy one is Curly


dale2216 Lol , good guess

Day: 3

FIMed Larry today with a pinch. First outside grow, so going to try different training methods to see which work best.

3 years ago

zayzilla Did you wait for roots to grow or did you just put it in boss? I have one and wasn’t sure to put it in soil or leave it in the water?