Wedding Cake Auto / Gorilla Glue Auto (Freebie) - First Grow

Two Wedding Cake Auto plants from Bernie’s Farm & one Gorilla Glue Auto that was a freebie from North Atlantic Seed Co.

Seeds bought from Barney’s Farm through North Atlantic Seed Co.

Wedding Cake Auto / Gorilla Glue Auto (Freebie)

Day 71 (Week 11)



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Day: 71


Anotha day anotha dollar

21 days ago

Day: 68


More trichomes and bud growth everyday. Looks like it it will be done soon, maybe about 2 more weeks. Thinking I’ll start flushing soon

24 days ago

Day: 58


We are about 2-3 weeks into flowering, things beginning to take shape :)

a month ago

Day: 36

Growiiin leafs look better after adding nutes but still experiencing some very minor burn on the ends. Possibly related to using unfiltered water, not properly measuring nutes, recovery from missing nutes, or all of the above lol.

a month ago

Day: 34

Began tying some growth down but started a bit late than what was recommended. Didn’t have much affect on the plants but one of them did branch out a bit more. (Not pictured tho lol)

a month ago

Day: 31

A bit small, but coming along

a month ago

Day: 28

Plants were a bit small at 4 weeks from what I have seen other growers experience. I believe I may have been a bit too cautious about over watering which caused it to be stunted a bit. I also did not begin nutrients till around week 3 which seems to have affected the health of the leaves.

a month ago

Day: 16

Seems like it may be growing a little bit slow but looking good!

a month ago

Day: 6

Sprouted 6 days later :)

a month ago