She made it! Kush cake harvested!!!😊

2nd grow! Welcome any help!

Wedding cake growing in CocoLoco. Using fox farm nutrient line. MarsHydro SP250 light in a 2x4 tent

Wedding cake

Day 106 (Week 16)

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Day: 106


Harvested her yesterday! This is one day in drying!😊😊😊

4 years ago

Deanna Wet trimmed again. I may try to dry the buds first before trimming next time but I just find it so much easier! Is there any real benefits to trimming dry vs wet??!

Chumizy Yeah, wet trimming makes the buds dry faster. If u dry the buds first then trim them it prolongs the drying period which is ideal!

Tres4_growsloud There’s guys who swear by wet trimming and others who say dry trim is the best. Trimming wet does have certain advantages one of them you’ve already figured out, it’s a lot easier. For me , the environment where I Dry makes that decision, if it’s hot and dry and I know my buds are gonna be drying really fast, ill leave a lot of plant matter to help slow down that dry. In the winter when I could get my tent really cool, I’ll dry trim. Find what works for you 👍🏾

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Day: 98

Starting to flush! Hope I am not starting too early!🙄

4 years ago

Radob What’s the trichromes looking like?

Deanna They are looking cloudy! Some amber heads also! But some look clear too!!!🤦‍♀️ Is that normal?

Slimpickins 60/40 cloudy/amber is what I’m kind of going for

Day: 96


She’s close. Seeing some amber trichs but also clear ones! HELP! Is she ready!!?! I do NOT want to cut her too early or too late! I started flushing too early last grow and haven’t even started yet this time. Looking for some help from my expert grow friends out there!😉 (she’s in a draining saucer, not sitting in that run off!🤭)

4 years ago

Deanna I cut a little branch, hung to dry but it smells like fresh cut grass!!! Too early...right??!


NickYo I would say start your flush. Give it about a week of flushing and check it again. If it’s still showing more clear then cloudy and amber I would flush one more week. After that cut her down she’s done.

Radob I’d take them dead leafs off. Continue flushing till about 20% amber. No clear. Chop and flip. It takes a week to dry.

Day: 89


She’s looking much happier. I think the kelp me kelp you helped! Looking for advice!

4 years ago


Mystrain420 She looks huge and close to finishing, I’d slowly start lowering her nutrients towards the end. They will eat less near the end and maybe u should check ph and ppm of runoff

Deanna When it was brought to my attention that I was burning my plants in several different ways I checked the runoff and it was at 6000! It’s gotten a little bit lower now that I’ve been watering twice a day instead of every other day like I was before! So do I wean her off of the nutrients or just start straight water flush?

Day: 86


Thanks to help I got on here I don’t see anymore new burn! She’s coming along...I’m not too sure how close she is to harvest!

4 years ago

Deanna Any help or advise is GREATLY appreciated!!!

Deanna Added Kelp me kelp you to nutrients today thinking it will help with all the heat burn! I’m so upset with the way she’s coming along. I’m just trying to get her to harvest. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!😩😩😩

Day: 82


Plant is looking amazing other than all the leaves! Any advice??! Is this nutrient burn or normal at this stage?

4 years ago

Tres4_growsloud What’s the temps in the room?

Deanna I’ve been trying to get them down. 90 degrees! Do I need 2 lights at this stage? I have a Mars hydro sp250 and a smaller blurple light (that puts off a lot of heat)

Deanna Is that from high temps??

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Day: 60

This lady is going crazy! She’s so happy but I’m afraid if she gets any taller she’s gonna outgrow my tent!😩 Help! What do I do besides buy a new tent!?? ANY HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! Also would love some advice in trimming!??! Do I trim off fan leaves??!!? 2nd grow (had an amazing first!) but still SOOO much to learn!

4 years ago

Pekas176 Low stress train her tie her down a big bend the colas

Pekas176 Like the tallest ones tie them with some plant string to the bottom corners of the tent you will have an amazing plant

Deanna When is the best time to do this? I didn’t see your messages till now and I think it’s too late! I will be flipping 2 plants soon though so please explain! Thank you so much!

Day: 52


Flipped to 12/12 two weeks ago. Lots of bud sites. Looking for help with trimming!

4 years ago

Deanna Would really appreciate help with trimming! Do I trim fan leaves now or leave her alone?

Rbug420 Wouldn’t hurt to trim some of the larger fan leaves/lower growth.

Day: 24

Butchered her!😩 Went a little crazy! Hoping she bounces back!🤞

4 years ago

Day: 23

Wedding cake veggin out

4 years ago