Re- Wi-Fi mix unknown

Winter Budz

Led grow lights, seeds that some how ended up in last winter grow Budz.

Re-White fire OG aka Wi-Fi

Day 172 (Week 25)

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Day: 172

1 or 2 more weeks

a year ago

Day: 157

About another week or two left. I’ve had more struggles during this grow than any other I’ve ever done!

a year ago

Day: 106

Week 2 of flower

a year ago

Day: 58

Slowly growing

a year ago

mystrain420 _@eaegifts

mystrain420 _@eaegifts Looks like the lights may be kinda close

Day: 42

Short and stout! The oldest and shortest

2 years ago

Day: 33

She is the smallest but still healthy

2 years ago

Day: 24

Week 3 seems healthy but growing slow. Temperature is around 68°. A little cold for young plants

2 years ago

Day: 10

Week 1 down and she is looking good

2 years ago

Day: 0

Day 1 white fire OG seeds father unknown

2 years ago