First time grower

1st grow ever

First time grower I don’t know shit about shit. Learning as I go. Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated join me on my journey!

Random seed

Day 109 (Week 16)



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Day: 109


Going to be a small yield weather didn’t do me any favors. Plant was moved into fully lit porch with space heater. Smells and looks absolutely beautiful to me. Can’t be more impressed with how it’s coming out for my first time! Any ideas when it’ll be ready for harvest?

7 months ago


Northstar831 Check the trichomes with a jeweler’s loupe

Day: 34

Transplanted 2 days ago. Didn’t go well. Think she’s going to make it?

10 months ago


ig:@eaegifts She’s reaching for the light to absorb and crest new growth, she’s definitely gonna make it 👍🏾👍🏾

alphashooteriii Fuck, I hope.


ig:@eaegifts I’m like 99% sure lol, I’ve had plants come back from damn near death. My cat even ate most of a plant this size before and it still came back woth new growth

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Day: 23


Just got neem oil and got its first spray yesterday so will treat every 10 days with that. Then I also added advanced nutrients micro, grow, and bloom to the water starting yesterday as well. Went from watering twice daily to now once daily because of the added nutrients. Any tips for the next 7 days I need to do?

10 months ago

Day: 10

What’s the black dot?

10 months ago

leonsfirst Could it be soil?

alphashooteriii I tried brushing it off nothing happened. I’m not sure.

Day: 9

Red light. ⏱

10 months ago


FatBuds101 Looks good, but you need blue light in beginning to encourage root development and keep the plant short and bushy red light will just cause it to grow str8 up and minimal side branching.

alphashooteriii I have blue light bulbs same as red should I use those or just keep it in sunlight?

Day: 8

Entering red light during the night cycle tonight. How’s everything look?

10 months ago


OrganicDaGrower Looks fine what kind of soil is that?


sir_terpes024 Strong stem! thick right off the bat!


OrganicDaGrower Are these going to be outdoor or indoor

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Day: 6

Isn’t she lovely

10 months ago

Day: 3

Nice growth through the night and into 3rd day. Any tips or tricks I should know or start following?

a year ago

Day: 2

Day 2 I’d say she’s moving along smoothly. I’ve seen ants in the dirt starting day 2 so I moved the plant into a open lit porch with screens haven’t seen any more critters since.

a year ago

Day: 1

Planted the germinated seed around 10pm the night before came out to this beaut first thing.

a year ago