a Joe grow

a Joe grow

F1 Cream caramel by sweet seeds




Day 199 (Week 29)


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Day: 199


Cut her down a bit early. Was worried abt humidity lvl

4 days ago

Day: 195

Starting to lean. Not sure if I should scrog her or just her down

9 days ago

a Joe grow

a Joe grow Cut*, ps anyone else have major problems running this app ?


blacksunset Yes, my posts don’t show up on the main feed. Still not resolved.


blacksunset She looks like she still has some time left, you should scrog her or strap her heavier colas down. πŸ”₯😎

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Day: 192

Very happy with this strain

12 days ago

Day: 172

5 d ago

a month ago

Day: 33


3 months ago

Day: 31

Absolutely smacked

3 months ago

Day: 30

Moved light up

3 months ago

Day: 15


3 months ago

Day: 0


7 months ago

Rasta Man

Rasta Man The Orange apricot Glue xl I have right now is sweet seeds.i have Tropicana poison also for next run bud that 42 tel me is the Tropicana cookies lol πŸ€”